Race Results

RACE RESULTS – 2020 Welcome back denver 5k

Thanks for joining us!  Click here for your race results if you ran in-person!  Click here to view or post your virtual results.

RACE RESULTS – 2019 Denver Colfax marathon

Congratulations on a great race!  See the hints below the table to search for your results.  Relay placings by division are below the table.  Questions on your results – contact info@timberlinetiming.com 

Sunday Runners: “2019 Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon” option shows all Sunday races.  To search for your race specifically, use the drop down box “ALL EVENTS” to choose marathon, half marathon, etc.

5K Runners: For the 5k, choose “Bellco Colfax 5k” rather than “2019 Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon”.

Relay Runners:  You can search above for your team.  For top placing teams by division see RELAY WINNERS below.

Previous Results:  2013-2019 Results are in the table above, and 2012 and earlier are below.

Relay Winners for 2019

Final 2019 Top Placing Teams results are ready!  Click on Corporate Overall and Industry Relay Winners, Government Relay and Public Schools Division Winners, and Open Relay Winners.  These links will be updated when the winning teams designate their charity.

RUNNER PHOTOS – 2019 denver colfax marathon

Sunday photos are ready and free to you to download – brought to you by All Whites Egg Whites.  Click here.  If you don’t recall your bib number use the results search table below.

Your 5K photos are also ready and free for you to download – brought to you by Bellco.  Click here.  If you don’t recall your bib number use the results search table below – you must choose 2019 Bellco Colfax 5k (rather than “2019 Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon”).

Past Results

Previous Relay Winners

Marathon Relay teams compete for more than $85,000 in awards for charity – 60 top teams in the Open, Corporate Cup and Government Cup designate one of our participating Charity Partners as a recipient: