please join us in 2020 – our 15th year anniversary

The tremendous success of the Colfax Marathon is made possible because of you.  We appreciate the support you give runners as they run for their health, to reach a personal goal, and in many cases to support a charity.

Click here to volunteer as an individual!

GROUPS – Are you interested in bringing a group to earn a fee?  Please contact Carol Hiller at carol@runcolfax.org

Kiwanis - long term volunteers of the marathon

Kiwanis has been a wonderful volunteer organization for the marathon – for over 10 years.  Kiwanis has manned numerous water stations each year, enabling runners to run for their own personal goals and often to support a nonprofit.

Our  vision is to encourage positive change in the world one child and one community at a time. #KidsNeedKiwanis.com.  Come make a difference with us www.rmdkiwanis.org