Colfax Double Marathon Challenge

Running a marathon, 26.2 miles, anywhere in the world is an amazing accomplishment!  It takes months of training, sacrifice, and personal battles just getting to the start line.

We are issuing a challenge to all the marathon runners in the world … run a marathon race between June 1, 2021  and October 16, 2021 and Denver’s Colfax Marathon!  You’ll get an awesome gift, and bragging rights that you can run 26.2 anywhere including Denver at a mile high.  Please note:  Races must be timed and in-person, and results must be online.  Virtual races are not eligible.

We’ll have plenty of fun group runs around town to get ready for your big day!


Now that's a gift!

Run 2 marathons – it’s worth it!  You will receive this special coaster  – 3D holographic look made of antique silver!