2024 Ambassador Team

2024 Colfax Ambassador TEAM

You have seen them around the state and country … a group of people excited to talk about running, getting active, and all things Colfax Marathon!

The Denver Colfax Marathon Ambassador Team promotes the event through social media, participating in local run groups, helping our 150+ charity partners, creating videos/reels, providing photos of being active, and assist at the Health and Fitness Expo, all part of keeping the Denver Colfax Marathon brand active in the running community.

These are positive and enthusiastic runners that represent the running community at it’s finest!

Questions? Contact us at info@runcolfax.org


My name is Alexander and I am the silly and sociable runner known as “The Ramen Runner”. I love connecting with people in the Colorado running community and helping people empower themselves through running and friendship. My favorite road running locations include City Park, Washington Park, and Cherry Creek Trail. I also have a passion for Trail Running at a plethora of scenic locations throughout Colorado.

Favorite race distance: The 1/2 marathon

Spot me at these races: Staunton Rocks 1/2 Marathon (Trail Race), Miami 1/2 Marathon, Colfax Marathon Racing Series

Playing through my headphones: K-Pop, 80s Rock, J-Rock, EDM

On my plate for a post-race meal: Lots of Ramen!!!

My special race-day ritual: Being a running ninja, I meditate and focus on an attitude of gratitude while musically blasting the Top Gun Theme to visualize success and hype myself up with imagery of running with afterburners on.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Do not compare yourself to others. Every run or race has a purpose so focus on YOUR own unique purpose, intentions and goals. YOUR training, YOUR time, YOUR body, YOUR race, so LOVE and EMPOWER yourself and enjoy the process. Soak in the vibe and energy on race day because you will be surrounded by community, support, and lots of fun.


I am a mama of two toddlers who loves to stay active and show her kids how fun it can be so stay healthy. I can usually be found at a race around town with my besties and pushing my littles in the stroller. If I am not on a race course, I am hanging out with my husband and kids at home, working out at the gym, spending time with my friends or at an Avalanche game!

Favorite race distance: The half marathon

Spot me at these races: Parker Labor Day 10K, Hot Chocolate 15K and Disneyland ½ Marathon

Playing through my headphones:  Two Friends Big Bootie Mix 23

On my plate for a post-race meal: 1st stop is always coffee and then anything delicious with a big side of fries.

My special race-day ritual:  I wake up early, have my pre race snack and then jump in the cars with my friends and usually make it “just in time” for the start!

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Enjoy the awesome course, have a ton of fun and stay post race to hang out and indulge in the food, beverages, sunshine and thousands of new running friends.


Originally from New Jersey by way of D.C.-metro area. A MAJOR aviation nerd “AvNerd” – personally and professionally. I love trail running as much as possible. I travel as much as possible and outside, running and hiking, and always checking out the food and drink scene.

Favorite race distance: 10K’s

Spot me at the races: Yosemite Half Marathon, Colfax Marathon, Pumpkin Pie 5K, and random races!

Playing through my headphones: Shake Dat Ass, by DJ Deon

On my plate for a post-race meal: Preferably ramen, fries, and a Modelo

My special race-day ritual: I usually consume some Honey Stinger Waffles, stretch for about 10-15 minutes, and meditate.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE. Don’t let you or someone else’s time and experience affect you. Whether you finish first or last, congratulate yourself. And rest!


Hi! My name is Arizona Hummingbird. I am a retired collegiate distance runner redefining her love for running. I’m the person my friends ask when they want to start running again – I really just wish they’d gift me running shoes sometime haha. I live in Oklahoma so sometimes to get me through my runs I pretend I’m running next to Sloan Lake – Lets go Colfax!

Favorite Race Distance: Mile or anything over 10miles. There really is no in between.

Spot me at these races: Valkyrie Trail Race, Colfax Marathon, and any trail races in mid-america!

Playing through my headphones: The Regrettes band or Becoming Something podcast!

On my plate post-race: Most definitely a cheeseburger or pizza with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for dessert!

My special race day ritual: Prayer, lite breakfast, caffeine, warmup, and pump-up music! oh and gotta have gum!

Advice for future Colfax race participants: My advice is don’t look at your watch till you think you’re over halfway through. Practice patience and just HAVE FUN!


As a mom and educator, I love the space running has helped me build to chase my dreams and is my favorite tool in my mental health toolbox. Running helps me challenge myself and prove that I can do hard things. I believe that we need to chase joy and finding it in the little things every day can dtruly change my life. Channeling my inner Dani Rojas – “Running is life!”

Favorite race distance: The marathon

Spot me at these races: Elk Run 5k, The Brunch Run, Turkey Trot, and I’m sure quite a few others 🙂

Playing through my headphones: The Mel Robbins Podcast or Peloton Outdoor

On my plate for a post-race meal:

My special race-day ritual: Graham cracker breakfast, glitter, a favorite playlist on repeat, and cheering everyone running with me on!

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Have fun and enjoy it! Take the pressure off and create memories!


A runner always trying to be the healthiest version of herself, mentally and physically. I’m chasing the Abbott World Majors and have star 4 & 5 lined up then just got Tokyo! I am a huge advocate for charity runners and highly recommend it! (you can for Colfax!) In my spare time I’m an Architectural Designer and keeping up with my 20 siblings!

Favorite race distance: 26.2

Spot me at these races: Berlin Marathon 2023, London 2024, Colfax Urban 10 Miler 2024!

Playing through my headphones: I Believe That We Will Win by Pitbull

On my plate for a post-race meal: a solid glass of chocolate milk right after then some French toast! I love French toast with some fruit on top and all the whipped cream.

My special race-day ritual: I lay my outfit out, from bib to shoes to snacks for my Flat B the night before. Then the morning of I have coffee, a strawberry pop tart (I swear it’s good luck!) get my race gear on, put some glitter on and head to the start!

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Whether it’s your first race or your twenth race, take it a mile at a time and trust your training. This race is such a party. Enjoy it! All the people cheering, the firefighters highfiving, the zoo animals posing for selfies. All of it. Have so much fun!


I run mostly to allow myself to eat whatever I want and to keep myself moving after a long day’s work on the computer, but as I come across more cool, fun, and challenging races I have found it quite hard not to sign up! You’re most likely to catch my wife and I running around a Colorado state park in bright colored clothes any given day of the week, rain or shine!

Favorite race distance: Half marathon (but the marathon is growing on me!)

Spot me at these races: Chicago Marathon. RunDenver Series.

Playing through my headphones: The Album, but I guarantee I will have a different answer every time you ask.

On my plate for a post-race meal: A veggie burger with all the fixings (a fried egg is a must), some sweet potato fries, a cold beer, and an even bigger ice water.

My special race-day ritual: Guzzle down some avocado toast and coffee at a ridiculously early hour (need to have time to digest), lace up the bright green running shoes, and then make sure my phone is fully charged for a long day of Pokemon Go.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Find a way to train that works for you and stick with it! No matter what you see or hear other people doing, consistency and tenacity will always get you across that finish line. Oh, and of course, make sure you take in all of the fun and craziness on race day, there really is nothing else like it!


Health Innovator + Triathlete. Work in health tech unearthing secrets of the human body. I race mid-distance triathlon though always trying on new adventures. 17th fastest up the Empire State Building!

Favorite race distance: Half Marathon / Mid-Distance Triathlon (70.3)

Spot me at these races: Colfax Half (of course!), Boston Marathon, NYC Marathon, Ironman Lake Placid

Playing through my headphones: Latest pod / Machine Gun Kelly

On my plate for a post-race meal: A great burger hits the spot!

My special race-day ritual: Cool mint chocolate Clif Bar + cinnamon raisin bread

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Running has always been a highly individualized sport but we can also use it to bridge connections with friends / loved ones in our life. The social aspects of running (both in-person & virtually through platforms like strava) are what motivate a lot of us and push us to achieve our goals.


I started running 40 years ago after my daughter was born. I found it was a great way to get in shape without sacrificing lots of time. Over the years I started increasing the distance I ran and completed my first and only ultra (50k) 8 years ago. I love traveling to run races. I also enjoy pacing other runners to help them get to the finish line with their goal time.

Favorite running distance: half marathon

Spot me at these races: Hot Chocolate 15k, Bolder Boulder, Revel Rockies half Marathon, and of course Colfax marathon running events

Playing through my head phones: Depends on my mood! I generally like to mix it up so I don’t get bored.

On my plate for post race meal: I usually go for something light on the tummy the day of. The next dayI usually indulge with an impossible burger, fries and lots of catchup! And of course chocolate!

My special race day ritual: I tend to get up extra early to take care of my two kitties while I’m downing a cup of coffee and eating an ego (with peanut butter). I always put my bib # in my car the night before. Like most runners, I stage my running wardrobe the night before as well.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Enjoy the journey!! Running is such a fun way to meet new friends and explore the streets of the great city we inhabit!! I have participated in every Colfax running event from the 5k to the marathon. Each one was a celebration! Last year I double dipped by running the 5k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday! Have fun and make each distance special!


I’m a lifelong runner who can’t seem to sit still, and I fill my days with running, running a family business, and running my kids to all the sports. I love seeing new cities through the lens of a great run and an even better meal.

Favorite race distance: 13.1!

Spot me at these races: Hot Chocolate 15K, the Run Denver Series, and whatever else comes along the way!

Playing through my headphones: The Rolling Stones or the smooth affirmations of Peloton’s Becs Gentry.

On my plate for a post-race meal: All the things! Love good dim sum or a breakfast burrito on race day and won’t finish the day without some ice cream!

My special race-day ritual: These days I’m just pumped to get out the door on time with all my gear in tow! I try to wear a pop of coral at every race and write my 3 kids’ names on my wrist as a reminder of why I do the darn thing.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Try your best to take it all in. You spend months preparing your body and mind for race day, so no matter if you’re chasing a PR or just getting to the finish line, you made it there and that deserves celebration!


My name is Dani! I am excited to be a Colfax Ambassador or 2024! This is my third year on the Colfax Ambassador Team and this is so significant to me as Colfax was my first race as a runner back in 2018! I originally started running for health reasons and fell in love with the sport! The community and the sport has been life changing for me!

Favorite race distance: ½ Marathon

Spot me at these races: Hopefully Tokyo (fingers crossed), Colfax (yay!!!), Hot Chocolate, Revel Races, GTIS, Slacker, and any races that my amazing running friends talk me into!

Playing through my headphones: 90s high school music! Yes… Spice Girls, Vitamin C, Hanson, and anything with a fun and exciting beat!

On my plate for a post-race meal: All the carbs… and maybe a burger.. and maybe a beer.

My special race-day ritual: Pre-running yoga, lots of water and coffee, a great night sleep beforehand, and visualization of myself having a BLAST!

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Have a blast! Our running community is amazing and supportive! Cheer others on, giving support to others will energize you!


I started running over 8 years ago as a way to lose weight, and from there I never looked back. Running has taken me to many places in life and helped me become the person I am today. If I look familiar it’s because you saw me on the website… haha yes that’s me!

If I’m not out running around the city, you can find me at November Project. I have been the leader of November Project for about 3 years now. November Project is a free fitness community that is inclusive for everyone. It helped me get involved in the running community. If you have questions, please ask because I love to talk about it! In my spare time I love to spend time with my wife, Becky, and our two rambunctious dogs, Quinn and Jimmy.

Favorite race distance: Half Marathon

Spot me at these races: Chicago Marathon, Platte River Half Marathon, Colfax Marathon.

Playing through my headphones: Anything Metallica and the lesser-known Avatar

On my plate for a post-race meal: Breakfast! Give me all the eggs, potatoes, and bacon.

My special race-day ritual: Getting to the race parking lot really early so I can take a 10 min nap in the truck before I make sure the start line does in fact exist.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: The Colfax course has so many things to see, enjoy them, take the pictures, smile (you never know when you that photo will be used) , and have fun because its awesome race environment and the crowd is electric!


I’m a rare Denver native born at St. Luke’s Hospital, which was not too far from Colfax back during the Tet offensive. I started running five years ago at the encouragement of Douglas Larson an alumni ambassador. I run for my health and to push myself to see what this old body will do.

Favorite race distance: While I’ve run in the full marathon twice, these last two years, I think my favorite race distance is the half. Especially the Slacker half marathon from Loveland ski resort to Georgetown However, this year I’m going to try to do a relay with as many friends as I can con into it.

Spot me at these races: Rino 5K, the hot chocolate run, Slacker half, anything involving pancakes, and, of course, the Colfax.

Playing through my headphones: Synth Pop, Epic, Louis Armstrong, Devo, Blues Brothers and neuvo 80’s

On my plate for a post-race meal: Peanut butter and banana sandwiches, maybe a beer. And a pop tart.

My special race-day ritual: Oatmeal for breakfast, Get to the races early as I can, make sure I hit the Porta potty and stretch stretch stretch.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Try to run as much of the routes before race day as possible so you’re not surprised by the ginormous hill at 17th and Broadway. Don’t let your age limit you to what you can do or your pace. Just get out there and enjoy the benefits.


I started running when I was a teenager but fell out of the habit in college. In 2016, a wonderful friend encouraged me to sign up for the Colfax Marathon Relay and I have been back running ever since! I did my first marathon in 2019 just to “try it” and am closing in on my goal to complete the World Marathon Majors! My running “red flag” is telling my friends that “we aren’t racing” and then pushing them to a PR. When I am not running, I am working in healthcare, spending time with my friends and family or enjoying my newest favorite workout, CrossFit.

Favorite race distance: Half Marathon

Spot me at these races: California International Marathon 2023, Disneyland Half Marathon 2024, Tokyo Marathon 2024 and Colfax Half Marathon 2024

Playing through my headphones: I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift

On my plate for a post-race meal: Pizza and Beer

My special race-day ritual: Forgetting my running shoes (true story, has happened on two separate race days). Since this has become an issue, putting my shoes in my car the night before has become a ritual.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Don’t stress about which event to do; all of the races are fun, special and unique in their own ways. Choose the race distance that is right for you come May 2024. Regardless of what you choose, be sure to hang out in City Park for delicious food, beverages and the best after race party!


Hi! I am THRILLED to be a part of the Colfax Ambassador Team as this race has such a special place in my heart and means SO much to me! I’ve lived here in CO for four years now, and I’m fairly new to this running thing, never having run further than about 4.5 miles before March 2022. I’ve now done FOUR Half Marathons with at least three more on the calendar, as well as countless 5ks and 10ks. I’m an elementary school teacher in Colorado Springs and in addition to running, I’ve discovered a love of hiking this summer! When I’m not teaching, running, or hiking, I enjoy reading, yoga, listening to music, spending time with friends, and exploring new breweries!

Favorite race distance: I do love a good 5k and 10k. BUT, I’m becoming a HUGE fan of 13.1!!!

Spot me at these races: Pikes Peak Ascent (Sept.), Disney World Princess Half Marathon (Feb.), and so many as yet to be determined races in between!

Playing through my headphones: Choose Strong Podcast, 90s Hits, and alllll the Taylor!

On my plate for a post-race meal: For those morning races – definitely eggs, bacon, potatoes, and biscuits/gravy! Anything later? Not too picky … give me alllll the food!

My special race-day ritual: Half a bagel w/ peanut butter and some electrolytes. Triple check the pack to make sure I have all the things!

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Don’t think about it – just sign up already!!! Such a great race, and I especially love the Zoo Mile in the Half distance! Put in the work and do the training beforehand so that Race Day can truly be a celebration of your hard work!! Take it all in and enjoy running through the streets of Denver with 20,000 of your new running friends!!


Hi! I’m Mallory! I’m a Registered Dietitian who loves to run! I started my running journey about 10 years ago, inspired by my dad, and have since run 10 marathons and a bunch of other races in Colorado and around the US. When I’m not nerding out about nutrition or running the streets and trails of Denver, you can catch me in a dance class or cheering on the Broncos!
Favorite race distance: Full Marathon or a 10 miler
Spot me at these races: I’ll be slow on the race front until 2024, as I’m expecting my first kiddo in October of this year! But I’m planning on the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile, Barr Trail Race, the Pikes Peak Marathon, and of course making an appearance at Colfax!
Playing through my headphones: Disney Remixes and early 2000’s throwbacks!
On my plate for a post-race meal: Gluten free comfort foods! I’m here for all the carbs and probably something sweet.
My special race-day ritual: My race morning ritual looks like a solid breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a little pre-race dance party to some pump-up jams as I wait it out in the corrals.
Advice for future Colfax race participants: Focus on YOUR race and enjoy the views! No matter what race you’re running at Colfax, there are fun things to see, and tons of people to run with to stay motivated. Don’t get caught up in a 10 mile runner passing you when you’re 16 miles into your marathon! Trust your training and have fun!


I’m just a runner- for my health, for my sanity. I love my runner friends and my little running buddy, Colfax who I met and subsequently adopted in 2013 after running the Colfax 10 miler. (He has run every Colfax 5k since 2014).

Favorite race distance: The 10 miler, then the half

Spot me at these races: GTIS, Parker Half , Berlin Marathon, and hopefully Boston 2024

Playing through my headphones: Rock, Alternative

On my plate for a post-race meal: Cheeseburger and a beer, later coffee and dessert

My special race-day ritual: Coffee and breakfast, walk Colfax and go hang out in port ‘o potty line before the race starts, chat with others

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Run with your heart and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You will get there!


Running is my opportunity to spend time outside, to get some fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, and to breathe! I love running races and meeting other runners. In recent years I’ve “fallen off” of my running habit as I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym (working to fix my “spaghetti arm” problem)… but I’ve decided that it’s time to double down and start hitting the miles again. My goal for the 2023-2024 season is to find a happy balance between the gym & pounding the pavement (and perhaps even get a little faster on the run)!

Favorite race distance: Definitely the half marathon! But for 2024 I hope to shift that into a love for some of the shorter distances.

Spot me at these races: Chicago Half Marathon (September 2023) & Colfax 2024!!! (And, of course, in the gym!)

Playing through my headphones: Two Friends Big Bootie Mixes!!!

On my plate for a post-race meal: I’m all over the place with what I crave, but 9 times out of 10 it ends up being a buffalo burger with pepperjack cheese and avocado…and of course a HUGE side of fries!

My special race-day ritual: Well, first I hope beyond hopes that I wake up on time & get my bum outta the door timely (there have been more than a handful of races that I’ve run straight from the car to cross the start line)! But if I do it all right, the day starts with a calm little walk with my senior doggo, Maggie, then it’s time to don the running gear, grab the headphones, and get to the race where I get to see FRIENDS!! And, no matter how the morning goes, food with friends and a solid nap post-race!

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Since there are so many race options for Colfax, make sure you pick the right race for you! Know what you want out of it (speed, sights, fun, etc.) and take a gander at what each race has to offer. Then sign up & put in the miles. And, no matter how your race rolls out, find a way to enjoy the party!!!



I am an outdoor adventure lover, new to CO and obsessed with everything related to running (oh and my dog Lucy’s ears). People who let me talk about running 25/7? My people. Also, I am an RN by degree but my passions are being a run coach, podcasting and helping people lead a holistic healthy life filled with longevity and hopefully lots of miles exploring new places & training to live!

Favorite race distance: The marathon for sure, we are never breaking up

Spot me at these races: Houston Marathon and TBD!! I’m kind of a spontaneous racer

Playing through my headphones: current bop is Monica Leinsky by Saint Jhn x A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (a mouthful)

On my plate for a post-race meal: A burger and french fries with ice cream (cookie dough)

My special race-day ritual: Power braids and hat backwards, always

Advice for future Colfax race participants: You get to run with thousands of your besties in the best city, how does life get better than that?! Take the pressure off yourself and be present, you get the scenic tour of Denver in the best way possible. Run with your heart and when you want to give up, remind yourself that you have a healthy, able body. That in itself is a gift worth running for.


I’m a full time fitness lover with a side job as a (full time) physician. I grew up with my head inside the books without realizing my true love for health and wellness until much later in life. I am certified in yoga, as well as Lagree fitness, which I have taught since 2019. Fitness is important to me because I want to set a healthy example for my kiddos.

Favorite race distance: Half marathon – just enough to push me to strive to improve myself

Spot me at these races: As a native Houstonian, I have completed so many Houston-based races with my favorite being the Chevron Aramco Marathon; would like to have a homecoming there soon

Playing through my headphones: Not ashamed to admit I am in a current obsession with K-pop, but otherwise my favorite is my Remixes playlist

On my plate for a post-race meal: The one time I indulge myself in the grossest, fattiest burger and a heaping of fries and onion rings is post race

My special race-day ritual: I set out my outfit – matching of course – the night before, but take some Imodium – can anyone empathize? – a banana, my coffee, make twenty runs to the bathroom to pee before the race, and say a silent prayer to make it to the end

Advice for future Colfax race participants: The running community is amazing. I can’t count the number of times someone along the race has cheered me on – spectator or fellow athlete – when I feel like I’m about to give up. I joke that I’m a turtle, but really, it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you are. I run because I enjoy the feeling on race day pre and post race and my motto is run or walk, just enjoy the journey.


I am a college freshman who really took on the love for running in high school after seeing how much self-improvement you can do with hard work. I really love improving myself as a runner and helping motivate people to learn to love running.

Favorite distance: Half Marathon

Spot me at these races: HRCA races and of course Colfax!

Playing through my headphones: Anything Zach Brayn

On my plate after the race: A chipotle bowl and chips

My special race-day ritual: Put on my race-day socks and drink a ton of liquid IV

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Enjoy every second of the race, even the hard parts. When you finish you will remember the crowd and just forget about all the pain you just went through.


I am originally from the east coast, and moved to Denver a little over 3.5 years ago. Shortly after moving to Colorado, I quickly fell in love with the world of endurance sports. I am an avid skier, Ironman triathlete, and former college athlete.

Favorite race distance: My favorite race, as of right now, is the half marathon. However, next summer I am extremely interested in exploring the ultra world.

Spot me at these races: This year you can spot me at Ironman 70.3 in Waco, TX and the backcountry half marathon in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Playing through my headphones: Anything from the 70’s to classic rock.

Post race meal: Chicken burrito. For dessert usually popsicles, chocolate covered raisins, and peanut butter crackers.

My special race-day ritual: I have a bowl of protein oats typically topped with bananas and peanut butter. Listen to some pump up music to wake the brain up, kiss the partner, and get in a focused mindset.

Advice for the future Colfax race participants: As a non-binary athlete, representation matters. I just want the future Colfax race participants to know that the running community is an accepting and welcoming place for everyone.


I love a great runcation and Colorado is my home away from home. As a local run group leader in Austin, TX I am all about community, showing up with a positive mindset and making efforts to bring people together. I’m a husband, a father, tech bro and full of vibes.

Favorite race distance: The 1/2 marathon

Spot me at these races:
Dec 23’ – Dallas half
Jan 24’ – Houston half and 3M half
Feb 24’ – Austin marathon
Mar 24’ – Napa Valley Half
May 24’ – Colfax Denver
Sept 24’ – Boulderthon Half
Dec 24’ – CIM

On my plate for a post-race meal:Burger, fries and a shake to wash it down.

My special race-day ritual:Brand new socks and oversized sunglasses. Family bracelet on my wrist with the names of my two boys.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Cheer on the Saturday 5k if you’re racing Sunday and Sunday racers if you’re running Saturday. Be someone else’s motivation and cheerleader.


I started running nearly 20 years ago, and after taking several years off, I got back into it in 2017 and haven’t stopped! I’ve learned so many great things about myself through running that it keeps me coming back for more! I am a mom to a black lab, Kenzie, who is just the best!! If I’m not running or playing with Kenzie, I’m coaching athletes in Denver and virtually around the country. I also hostand lead Denver Community group runs + long runs to support other runners and lift them high in their training, running, and providing community.

I started my own coaching company, Elevate Your Running, at the start of the pandemic and help committed athletes fill their cups while discovering their true athletic potential. So, while I’m chasing my big running dreams this fall, I’m also helping others discover their running dreams and goals. Cheers to running the Colfax Race weekend strong! Let’s connect on social or at an Elevate group run soon! ❤️ @sayrahrunshappy and @elevateyourrunning.

Favorite race distance: 13.1 miles, the half marathon!

Spot me at these races: Chicago 5k on Marathon Weekend, Indianapolis Half, California International Marathon

Playing through my headphones: Upbeat EMPOWERING MUSIC streaming through my Spotify playlists! Taylor Swift, Sia, EDM …

On my plate for a post-race meal: it changes with every race and how I’m feeling, but there will always be a skinny, spicy margarita to celebrate the training cycle + race day!

My special race-day ritual: Carbs with a side of carbs, an espresso shot (or two), and reviewing my race plan and power words! I visualize running strong, fast, and happy!

Advice for future Colfax race participants: The most important aspect of running, training, and racing is having FUN!! If you aren’t having fun (in life or in training), what are you doing!?!


I’ve been running since 2014 and started my marathon journey in Philly and now I am CO runner! I am making my running comeback after my third baby and 3rd c-section! I am a mama to 10, 6, and 1 year olds! I love spreading the joy of running and I love making this sport visible to other Southeast Asian mothers and women because doing this for ourselves is so counter-cultural! I do not ever have enough running gear and I know way too much about all the running brands! If you ever need a recommendation, I live for those moments! When I am not running–I am nerding out about facilitation and strategic planning for organizations!

Favorite race distance: The half marathon!

Spot me at these races: Run Disney Princess Half on 2/25/24 & Chicago marathon in 2024! (I have a deferred entry from this year) I may pick up more local races along the way!

Playing through my headphones: Taylor Swift & Bollywood Jams

On my plate for a post-race meal: Bagels or Pizza–probably both!

My special race-day ritual: The night before, I lay out my flat sheffy–have everything laid out so the morning is automatic.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: Enjoy the race! Give out all the high fives! And bring throwaway clothes because it’s always cold on a May morning in CO!


I started my running journey in hopes of finding a hobby. Little did I know, my hopeful hobby would turn into a passion I absolutely LOVE!
I’m a third generation Coloradan, married to a swell guy, and proud Mama to our son.
I say “well, hello” (in the most baby voice imaginable) to all the doggies I see on runs – and even the alpacas!
I’m obsessed with cats. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Oh and recently found joy in bicycling again – say what?!

Favorite race distance: Half Marathon
Spot me at these races: GTIS, Berlin & Chicago (eek!)
Playing through my headphones: so much – but no audiobooks or podcasts!
On my plate for a post-race meal: coffee, protein, coffee, lol. Can you ever have enough coffee?!?!
My special race day ritual: roll up with no time to over think and go!
Advice for future Colfax Participants: No matter how hard you train and plan — something will inevidably happen. Enjoy each moment even the ones you did not plan on. “I can and I will!”


My name is Toby Benguerel; I am a CFO, CPA, and most importantly, a grandmother! I love running, races, and sharing my passion for mental and physical health with anybody who will listen; I also love taking that passion on the road and visiting new locations for races so that I can tour everything a city has to offer from the closed city streets at a 6mph pace!

Favorite race distance: Marathon & Up!

Spot me at these races: Denver/Colfax! Also the Chicago Marathon, Azores Triangle Adventure, California International Marathon, Moab Run the Rocks, and 2024 Triple Crown of 200s!

Playing through my headphones: Everything from George Michael to Sublime. Variety is the spice of life!

On my plate for a post-race meal: Beer Me

My special race-day ritual: My husband sees me off at the starting line, usually finds me somewhere on the course for encouragement, sends me “PUSH!!” text messages during the final couple of miles, and meets me at the finish line.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: ENJOY this course! This is the most beautiful way to appreciate the streets of Denver / Colfax! Enjoy every stride!


I am a busy full-time surgery resident and love using my time outside of the OR to be running, especially outside! It’s a stress reliever for me and important for keeping my life balanced. I think the running community is so welcoming and there’s nothing quite like the excitement of race day!

Favorite race distance: Half marathon

Spot me at these races: Yosemite National Park half marathon, Breckenridge half marathon, New Belgium half marathon, Rocky Mountain National Park half marathon, and any of the CO Brewery Running Series races.

Playing through my headphones: Whitney Houston, Blink-182, Mumford & Sons, Big Gigantic

On my plate for a post-race meal: Pepperoni pizza!

My special race-day ritual: Following a light breakfast I always get to the race early and have a yoga routine I use to get stretched and into the right headspace for running.

Advice for future Colfax race participants: When it comes to Colfax, I think the experience is just as important as the race itself. All the hours of training and preparing culminate in a weekend filled with excitement alongside 21,000+ fellow racers. It is truly so much fun and unlike any other experience so make sure to take a moment and soak it in!