Charity Partners Program

Walker & Dunlop Charity Partners Program offers charities a free platform to raise funds and awareness. 

“Being a charity partner has not only helped our organization raise money, but it has created a space to get our community involved and demonstrate their passing for solving Colorado’s dropout crisis.”  Colorado Youth for A Change

“If as a non-profit, you can only participate in one event a year, this is the best event you can participate in.”    Animal Rescue of the Rockies

“As a community school, we at Dora Moore love being a charity partner.  We have found this partnership to be enjoyable and profitable.  In Denver Public Schools, we value fun.  Being a charity partner allows for more community members to see our school as a partner in the work of raising the best kids in the nation.”  Dora Moore E-8 School

Join one of the nation’s largest Charity Partner programs!

Here is a fun, 1-minute video about our charity partners program.

Denver Colfax Marathon – Charity Partners Program Video

Over 150 nonprofit organizations use Denver Colfax Marathon races each year to raise funds and awareness for their cause and have fun! There is no cost to join our program, but it does take some time and energy. Our Charity Partners keep 100% the money they raise. Our team helps with visibility, tech support, and fundraising ideas.

Registration for Charity Partners is closed for 2024. Click here to add your organization to the email list to receive information in early August about our 2025 Charity Partner program.

Questions? Want to sign up your organization? Email


The Denver Colfax Marathon Charity Partner program is a great way to boost the awareness of your program, introduce a new way to raise funds and have some fun!


How Runners Choose a Charity

Runners select their Charity Partner during their registration process from a drop down list of Charity Partners.  Charities then contact their runners directly.

Colfax Fly Feet Youth Program

Join as a Charity Partner, and your nonprofit can apply for entries for at risk youth.   Visit our Colfax Fly Feet page for more information.


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