Colorado Running & Walking Event Alliance

Welcome to CRWEA.   This website will be the resource for Race Directors, city/county management.   It will contain:

  1. Links to the newest orders from the Governor, Public Health.
  2. Guidelines and diagrams on how to put on a safe running/walking event in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

These guidelines were created by Andrea Dowdy, CEO Colfax Marathon and Creigh Kelley, Race Director, Colfax Marathon as best practices based on nationwide research of running organizations, major marathons, and smaller events.  We are working with the City of Denver, and the Governor’s office to offer guidance to race organizers.

Colorado's newest orders from the Governor

Below are the orders from the Governor.

7-15-20 Update – There is a new section in the orders that is more specific to our industry – Professional Sports, Sporting Events and Races. Please read the entire link as there are many relevant points, but the most significant change is:

“...For events with solely a general public component or division, organizers should follow the personal recreation guidance for the competitive portion of the event. Use staggered start times, multiple heats, long-duration starts or other systems to avoid compact gatherings in the immediate starting area of more than 25 participants.”

6-30-20 – The overarching public health order for safer at home and in the great outdoors  covered all outdoor events.

The State will continually update these orders.

Guidelines for Executing Your Running & Walking Events in 2020

Updated 7-15-20.  Click here for the Guidelines to produce running and walking events during the Covid-19 timeframe.   These have been updated to reflect the Governor’s orders on 7-15-20 for professional sports, sporting events, and races.  Please recognize that these guidelines are subject to review and amendment by State officials and by your local municipality or permitting authority.  There are differences in acceptable numbers in different counties/cities and those need to be applied to these guidelines.  Additionally, you should be prepared with a Plan B should the Governor alter his orders.

City of Denver

7-15-20 update:  The Mayor’s Office and OSE are obviously both concerned about the increase in coronavirus cases.   Therefore it is a strong likelihood that the wave size would need to be smaller than 175 example in the guidelines in the near term, requiring a longer duration of the start.  This website will be updated as additional government announcements occur.      

Background:  In mid-May, the Mayor’s Office and the Denver Office of Special Events requested Andrea Dowdy and Creigh Kelley develop recommended guidelines specific to running and walking events. By the beginning of June the guidelines were provided to the Denver Office of Special Events and the Denver Mayor’s Office.   DDPHE is currently reviewing the guidelines and meetings are in process.   However, these are subject to change should the Governor’s orders or the City of Denver mandates change based on conditions.

Race organizers will be able to apply to reschedule their COVID cancelled event for 2020, or apply for a permit for a new event.  An email went out from OSE Friday July 10th with details.   Click here to see the pdf, but please note the links within the pdf are not live.   You should refer to the original email you would have received.

Other Colorado Cities

Local city and county offices can provide your unique local information.   To find your local public health agency of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment click here.