Run for a Nonprofit

If you would like to run for a nonprofit through the Charity Partners Program, it’s easy!

The Colfax Charity Partners Program is presented by Walker & Dunlop.

Choose Your Nonprofit

If your favorite nonprofit is already a Charity Partner, then just select them from the drop down menu during your registration process. They will get in contact with you about benefits and requests, such as wearing their shirt for awareness or raising funds. There is no additional charge to run for a charity. If you have already registered, you can go back into your registration and select a Charity Partner.

Check Out our Charity Partners

Add Your Favorite Nonprofit

If your favorite nonprofit is not listed as a Charity Partner yet, then encourage them to join us! Send them this link from our website:  The best way to learn how to become a Charity Partner is to attend an Introductory Meeting.

Get More Info

If you want to explore more about what’s involved in running for a particular Charity Partner before you sign up to run for them, then go to the list , click the nonprofit that you like, and follow up with them directly. They want to answer your questions!

We do not share a portion of our registration fees with our Charity Partners since we need this revenue to produce our events.  We do give back to them in lots of other ways, including an opportunity to win cash from a prize pool of $100,000 +, a free tent at our finish line, and lots of technical support.