Training Tips

from Our Medical Director

Articles written by Dr. Jennell Kopp, Medical Director of Athletics and Head Team Physician – University of Denver, Sports Medicine Physician at Common Spirit and Colfax Marathon Medical Director.

Tips for Plantar Fasciitis

I call it the elephant in the room… You are mid-way through your training cycle and you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Those first…

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Ski Instead of Running

What’s one of the hardest things about training for a spring or early summer marathon? Is it dealing with the cold weather? Is it dealing with snow and ice on the running…

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Dreaded Runner’s Knee

Dreaded runner’s knee. That feeling when you notice a vague soreness in the front of your knee that you can’t pinpoint. Then you start to notice more localized pain with going up…

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Hot versus Cold

When are you supposed to use ice and when do you use heat? This is a classic question that many runners struggle with. How long do you ice? How long do you…

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