Training Tips

from Our Medical Director

Articles written by Dr. Jennell Kopp, Medical Director of Athletics and Head Team Physician – University of Denver, Sports Medicine Physician at Common Spirit and Colfax Marathon Medical Director.

Tips for Plantar Fasciitis

I call it the elephant in the room… You are mid-way through your training cycle and you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Those first…

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Ski Instead of Running

What’s one of the hardest things about training for a spring or early summer marathon? Is it dealing with the cold weather? Is it dealing with snow and ice on the running…

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Dreaded Runner’s Knee

Dreaded runner’s knee. That feeling when you notice a vague soreness in the front of your knee that you can’t pinpoint. Then you start to notice more localized pain with going up…

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Hot versus Cold

When are you supposed to use ice and when do you use heat? This is a classic question that many runners struggle with. How long do you ice? How long do you…

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Compression Socks

Trends come and go with running just like many other sports. It is always difficult to know which are trends and which truly offer a great benefit. One such trend in running…

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Last Minute Training

What if your training didn’t go as planned? Unfortunately, many of us have been there at some point during our running career. We wanted to do great and had a wonderful plan…

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Heat Illness Even When Weather Seems Nice

As you get ready for your last long run in preparation for Colfax Marathon, you are probably not worrying about heat illness. That is only a problem that happens when someone runs…

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Runner Trots

Ahh, that dreaded runner’s diarrhea or runner’s trots. You finish your run just in time to make it to the closest bathroom. You are stuck in the port a potty thinking about…

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Running at Altitude

You are training for Colfax Marathon and you start to remember that you don’t live a mile high. You can train for the miles, you can train for the hills, but you…

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