Colfax Store

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All items are in stock, except for several hats – which are noted when you select them.  They ship before July 1.



Colfax Asics Half zips

We have Colfax Asics halfzips available to ship now, and we are taking pre-orders on the new 2024 colors with new art!


Colfax Hoodies

Great Colfax hoodies   New 2025 styles are crop and full length – white, atlantic, black and navy hoodies for all.

Colfax Trucker Hats and Visor

Colfax Trucker Hats and running hats.

Colfax Medal Hanger

They are striking, made of steel and measure about 6″x8″ – great for your keys as well.

Running Jackets - Women

Great running jackets for women (the men’s are sold out).