Colfax Store

Wear that Colfax proud!  Check out the BRAND NEW items (including the hat art above) that will be on sale at the  Expo on May 19th and 20th at Empower Field at Mile High.   Our online store is currently closed.

Colfax Asics Half zips

2023 asics halfzips will be available at the Expo!   They have a logo on the front and cool art on the back.   They come in dusty plum and black for women, and island blue or black for men.  Click HERE for a full size image.

Colfax Hoodies

Great Colfax hoodies will be onsale at the Expo.   New styles and art including white crop hoodies for women, white/black/navy for all, and we’re bringing back a teal favorite.


Colfax Trucker Hats and Visor

Colfax Trucker Hats, Running Hats, and Visors!  Cool design, makes it great for running and casual wear.

New styles and colors will be sold at the Expo.  6 new hats – the hawaiian running hat and at the top of the page we have running truckers and a bucket hat.

Colfax Medal Hanger

Pictured is our 2022 medal hangar.   The 2023 version will be sold at the expo – They are striking, made of steel and measure about 6″x8″ – great for your keys as well.

NEW this year - zig zag plaid Jackets for women



New navy jackets - men/unisex sizing.

Back of jacket pictured here!