Training Programs

Congratulations! You’ve signed up to race (or are strongly considering it).  Now it’s time to train.  To help get you started, we have listed a few resources below that you might find useful.  These resources (including their content, training programs, and methods, etc.) were prepared by third-parties and are not specific to, tested by, or otherwise connected with the Colfax Marathon.  Training for a race is highly personal, and so it is your responsibility to figure out what training program works for you and will help you get to the start line healthy and ready to have fun and accomplish your goals.

Jeff Galloway’s Training Program

Jeff’s career as a coach spans 5 decades. His background as a world-class distance athlete includes being a USA Olympian in 1972.

His straightforward approach features a Run Walk Run concept.   Jeff has published a number of books and has a comprehensive website on training.   Options for training include online training plans, customized training, and joining a local group.

For information on plans, distances and costs visit

David Manthey’s Training Program

David’s program, Runners Edge of the Rockies has been iconic in the metro Denver area.    For 2019, we are pleased to announce that they will again provide the Pace Teams for the marathon and half marathon.  (Many thanks!!)

Runner’s Edge of the Rockies is a membership based organization that provides professional coaching and supported training runs.

  • Saturday group training runs
  • Customized training plans
  • Professional coaching
  • Weekday speed and form workouts
  • Trail run

For more information, visit

Runcoach Personalized Training Program

The Runcoach FREE online adjustable training service combines a dynamic application with personalized training programs for Colfax Marathon Weekend. On average, Runcoach has found their trainees improve finishing times by 7% and the program also offers a fun rewards program throughout your training journey. An email with instructions for activating your Runcoach training program and profile will be sent to you by clicking here.