Coronavirus - COVID-19 Update

Updated 5-18-20. 

It is great to see Colorado shift to “safer at home” as a first step towards more normal lives.  As we all realize, there is still no update from the city or state on mass gatherings, including runs, Bronco games, festivals or movie theaters.   Therefore, there is no update on rescheduling the Colfax Marathon Weekend for fall of 2020, vs waiting until spring of 2021.

As the mass gathering rules evolve, the City will be setting guidelines, and a process and timeline for the hundreds of impacted special events.  Just like you, we are hopeful that the aggressive actions of sheltering in place and social distancing will allow us all to return to a “new normal”.

We can say that our next race will be a great 15th Anniversary celebration!   And we look forward to celebrating it with all of you.

OPTIONS – Upon determining if we can have a 2020 race weekend or will be waiting until May 2021, we will communicate to individual runners and team captains at least three options.   Our 15th Anniversary celebration will happen, whether it is in 2020 or needs to wait until 2021.

WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW?  We (Andrea and Creigh) have been asked by the Mayor’s Office to spearhead coordinating guidelines for all Denver running/walking events.  All running/walking events will be required to follow these guidelines, which will be approved by city government and public health officials.  We are working diligently with running events across the country to create operation guideline scenarios in all aspects of running events – bib pickup, start line, finish line, water stations, and more.

CITY PARK WAS QUIET   Sunday, May 17th we went to the Colfax Start Line in City Park.   Geese were flocking to the Start Line rather than runners.   It was an empty feeling not to be joined by thousands of runners.   We look forward to seeing all of you at the Start Line at a Colfax Marathon weekend in the future.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time for all.  Our homepage will have the most recent update on information regarding our event.

Andrea Dowdy, CEO       Creigh Kelley, Race Director


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