Urban 10 Miler Course Overview

New in 2024!   We’ve streamlined our courses, and the Urban 10 has some nice changes.  Now the last 4 miles of the marathon/urban 10/relay course has dedicated lanes that are separated from the half marathon – with no merging.   Half marathoners will no longer share the bike path and downtown lanes.

Run the final 10 miles of the Colfax Marathon course! The Urban 10 Miler features an epic stadium run through – Broncos Stadium at Mile High. Downtown Denver. Confluence and Cherry Creek, 17th Avenue to City Park – and one big afterparty. Sleep in, because you get a later start time – and it’s a staggered start from RMCAD, filtering runners one by one into the ongoing marathon. If you’re looking for a challenge at a shorter distance, this is the race for you.   Your bib has an RTD ticket so you can get back to your car.

Please note that the below map is for 2023.   The 2024 map will have some minor tweaks for construction, etc and will be posted this winter/spring.

Elevation Map

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Photo Tour

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