Marathon Course Overview

Maps, Course Description and a Photo Tour are on on this page.   We describe the course in 5 sections (marked by color on the first map) to make it easier to read and follow your way around the city.

New for 2024!   Below is the interactive new 2024 Course Map.  For 2024 we have streamlined the marathon/urban 10/relay course, providing dedicated lanes for the last 4 miles that are separated from the half marathoners which eliminates merging.   The half marathon will no longer be on the path.   More course distance has been added to the scenic Glens, and there is a straight shot around Mile 25 into the park!


Click here to see the elevation map.

Section 1: Urban River - 6.5 miles

Picturesque Colfax, downtown and the epic stadium run-through.
Starting on the East side of Ferril Lake in City Park, runners leave the park at the Esplanade. Then it’s west on Colfax past shops, pubs, and restaurants before heading downtown, passing the Capitol and Civic Center Park. Run through Denver’s Firestation #1, cheered on by the firefighters, and then head down to the Cherry Creek Trail and the Confluence. Pass Elitch Gardens enroute to Empower Field at Mile High for the first run on the warning track – right through the stadium!

Section 2: No Groans at Sloan’s - 3.8 miles

It’s a short climb out of the stadium, then onto Colfax for a great mix of retro and storefronts. At Sloan’s Lake, roll past the Dragon Boats, colorful drummers and dancers. Enjoy the stunning mountain and downtown views. It’s flat, fast and phenomenal.

Section 3: Eclectic Mile High - 5.9 miles

Leaving Sloan’s Lake, runners head west on Colfax. Enjoy mountain views, retro architecture and Casa Bonita, where the course departs Colfax. Then it’s on to the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design campus, where outdoor art mixes with great architecture. Pass pretty Morse Park before entering a hidden gem of Lakewood – The Glens neighborhood, with graceful shade trees and white picket fences.   Then back on to Colfax for the cruise towards the city.

Section 4: Screaming Downhill - 4.0 miles

It’s a fast downhill run from Lakewood back to Denver.  From the Glens you turn near the Whitlock Rec Center (near Dudley and Colfax) the course heads straight down Colfax. Runners pass fun architecture and venues such as the Big Bunny Motel, Casa Bonita, the Lake Steam Baths, and wonderful street art. Most of this section offers terrific panoramic views of Denver’s skyline. This section wraps up on the west Esplanade at Empower Field at Mile High.

Section 5: Downtown River Trek - 6.0 miles

It’s the grand finale! Runners head straight into the stadium for the second stadium run through, then cross over to the Platte River by Elitches and Confluence Park. The course rejoins the Cherry Creek Trail. Exiting at Lawrence takes runners on a fun tour across the 16th Street Mall, under the Tabor Center, and then uphill out 17th Avenue passing great restaurants and Victorians. Enter City Park at 21st, with the grand finale between beautiful Ferril Lake and the meadows next to the Museum of Nature and Science.  Enjoy the party!

Photo Tour

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