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From Walking to Running a Marathon to Losing 125 Pounds!

Kristin Arnold is proof that baby steps add up – to 52,400 to be exact!

“Two years ago, I was sitting at the Paramount Café eating with my kids. I was close to 300 pounds. I remember seeing all the people who just ran the Colfax Marathon and feeling so proud for them and a little bit envious,” shared Weigh and Win member Kristin Arnold.

“Little did I know, that two years later I would be 125 pounds lighter and running the Colfax Marathon myself!”

In January of 2016, Kristin Arnold joined the free Kaiser Permanente supported Weigh and Win program and began her transformation to better health.

“What I like about Weigh and Win is that it keeps me accountable. With the photographed kiosk weigh-ins, I knew that if the scale didn’t move or went the wrong way – I needed to make new changes. The cash rewards for my weight loss keep me motivated too!”

Kristin started improving her diet and eating more nutritious foods. Then, she began walking to incorporate exercise into her weight loss plan and starting running a few months after.

“I have never been able to run around a track once in my life without stopping. And now to run a marathon seven months later at the age of 43 blows my mind!”

Kristin had been losing weight consistently, but as soon as she began running she noticed a drastic weight change.

“I have lost 125 pounds, gone from a size 24 to a size 8 and I feel amazing. I have energy to do anything I want. I made my daughter run with me in the beginning and I have inspired a love for running in her as well. All I want in life is to be an inspiration to my family and to be healthy enough to lead a long life and enjoy every minute of it.”

Kristin’s advice to anyone thinking of improving their health and starting their running journey: “Take it one day at a time. You may have bad days. The important thing is to start again the next day and never give up.”

“I am running the Colfax Marathon this year as a reward to myself. A reward for how far I have come. Hopefully I will keep my daughter motivated and she will run it with me as a reward to herself next year.”




About Weigh and Win

Weigh and Win is a free program that pays for achieving a healthy weight. It is open to all Colorado residents 18 and over. The program is aimed at decreasing obesity rates by engaging people with rewards tied to actual measured results. Participants receive personalized technology-based coaching on healthy eating and active living by email or text message, track progress with weigh-ins at private community kiosks and earn quarterly cash rewards based on weight improvement and maintenance. Weigh and Win is primarily sponsored by Kaiser Permanente to complement the organization’s other efforts to increase healthy eating and physical activity throughout the state. For more information visit https://goo.gl/TIHwpW