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Cigna – Why Employees Run

Cigna® is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Denver Colfax Marathon. The Denver Colfax Marathon in the Rocky Mountains is a beautiful location and provides the opportunity to meet athletes from all over Colorado, the nation and even the world.

Employees of Cigna run in this event to engage and support our community. The team is involved in the event in a variety of ways, from the Health and Fitness Expo, volunteering at the event, as well as running in the full marathon, half marathon and relays. Donna Upson, is Vice President of Sales Cigna Mountain States. Donna is leading a relay team again this year and she shares a bit about her experience and plans for this year.

Why I run?

Running, and really all forms of exercise, is such a great escape.  I can completely disconnect, put all my problems into perspective, and think about my day ahead.  It is so important to lead a healthy lifestyle and our Cigna team and I can raise awareness through our partnership with the Denver Colfax Marathon.

Why run in the Denver Colfax Marathon?

The Colfax marathon is always envied by folks who could run any marathon. Denver is proud to be the home of the Colfax marathon, locals and visitors find it such a great way to enjoy our city.  Last year I ran as one leg of a Cigna relay team, it gave me an opportunity to be a part of that community without having to endure the full 26 miles.

What is it like to run with a team?

Running with my team and joining the relay with some of my peers across Cigna was such a great bonding experience.  We were there to cheer each other on through our training, compare notes on our progress, and share in the struggles that running can bring.  I always find this to be very motivational.  It also encourages me to do my best.  Nobody wants to let down their co-workers! I suggest it to many of my clients and friends as a way to connect with their team and friends. It builds resilience (click here for more resilience tips from Cigna: Home | Cigna Resilience)

How do you prepare for the race?

I run and workout regularly but there is nothing like having a race scheduled to motivate me. To condition myself, I work on gradually increasing the distance I run each day until I have reached the race distance.  I then focus on my time with the hopes of completing the distance just a bit quicker every day and helping my Cigna team post a great finish time.  As the race gets closer, I make sure I am eating and drinking all the right things – plenty of carbs and water.

What do you enjoy most?

At the race, it is fantastic to see all the runners cross the finish line and visit with each other about their experience. I am looking forward to an even better finish time and good time in the 2023 Denver Colfax Marathon – I hope to meet you out there!