Charity Partner

Colorado Mama Tribe

Colorado Mama Tribe provides support, resources, and community to women raising children with medical and special needs in Colorado.

Studies have shown that people in care-giving role are twice as likely to suffer from depression, and while the moms in our group are some of the strongest, they are in desperate need of a support network to maintain their mental health.

Our moms regularly deal with things like:

Frequent and long hospitalizations. Sleepless nights for their children’s medical interventions and sleep disorders, having to learn complex medical, insurance, therapy, and governmental systems to get the services their children need. Higher risk of child loss. Isolation and loneliness.

Please consider supporting these moms by choosing to run for us and our children! Choosing Colorado Mama Tribe as your charity partner would make a huge difference for our organization allowing us to better care for their medically and behaviorally complex children. We would be incredibly grateful for choosing to run WITH us.

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