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Denver’s Colfax Marathon Continues Partnerships with Denver Zoo & The Denver Metro’s Fire Departments

Denver, CO (Thursday, November 28, 2018) –  Runners will be participating in the 14th year of Denver’s Colfax Marathon and it’s happy to announce it will be the 7th year in a row the race has…

Pro Marathoner Brittany Charboneau Is the ‘Funny Runner’

Brittany Charboneau has created her own unique job title: “The Funny Runner”—and she certainly lives up to the name.

Comedian’s quick rise to elite runner

Brittany Charboneau’s sudden ascent to elite status as a distance runner is pretty funny, and not just because she won a race at Disney World while wearing green mermaid tights and toting…

Colfax Marathon this weekend!

Check out these last-minute tips and details for the 2018 Colfax Marathon.

What to do instead of freak out before the Colfax Marathon

Instead of freaking out before the Colfax Marathon, one race ambassador says to fantasize about what you’ll eat afterwards instead.

The story behind those headless mannequins

Runners, you’re not seeing things. Those really are beautiful headless mannequins.  Imagine hitting mile 16 of a marathon, cresting a hill and seeing beautifully decorated — albeit headless — mannequins hanging out…