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2022 12 Days of Giveaways

From December 12 to December 23, we are giving away runner gifts! Everyone that is registered for a 2023 Denver Colfax Marathon race is eligible for that day’s gift. You can see the giveaway for each day on our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here are the winners:

Day 1 Pair of Denver Zoo tickets Felipe L.
Day 2 Sunglasses and Buffs Timothy H, Ron VW, Michelle H, Marjorie K, Dane N, Carol B, Joey HP
Day 3 Necklace Cameron S, Tawny S, Heather C
Day 4 Medal Hanger Nicholas S, Joseph D, Timothy H
Day 5 Firefighter Calendar Molly L, Matthew W, Anisha L
Day 6 Hoodie Retro Taylor S
Day 7 Trucker Hat Alan C, Kristopher H, Matthew C, Sarah H
Day 8 Boyer’s Coffee Basket Ryan K
Day 9 Half Zip Shirt Amanda O
Day 10 Long Sleeve Hoodie Danielle P
Day 11 Altra Running Shoes Kathryn W
Day 12 $100 Runners Roost Gift Card Emma S

Winners are contacted via email used to register for their race.

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