DaVita Charity Partners Program

“As a community school, we at Dora Moore love being a charity partner.  We have found this partnership to be enjoyable and profitable.  In Denver Public Schools, we value fun.  Being a charity partner allows for more community members to see our school as a partner in the work of raising the best kids in the nation.”  Dora Moore E-8 School

“Being a charity partner has not only helped our organization raise money, but it has created a space to get our community involved and demonstrate their passing for solving Colorado’s dropout crisis.”  Colorado Youth for A Change

“If as a non-profit, you can only participate in one event a year, this is the best event you can participate in.”    Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Join one of the nation’s largest charity partner programs!

More than 200 nonprofits are participating the Colfax Marathon in 2019 to raise funds and awareness for their cause and have fun. They use our events as a platform to raise money and awareness.  There is no cost to join but it does take some time and energy. Our charity partners keep all of the money that they raise. Our team helps with visibility, tech support and fundraising ideas.  Questions?  Contact jean@runcolfax.org.

How To Get Started & Get New Ideas

  • The best way to join us for 2019 is to participate in one of our introductory meetings, which are fast, free and fun.  All meetings are at our office, 201 Milwaukee St., Suite 200, Cherry Creek North, between 8:30 am (sharp) and 9:30 am.  Arrive by 8:15 am to check in, receive your gift and some breakfast refreshments.  Pre-registration is a must.  Our meetings for November and December are below.


  • New for 2019 Charity Partners.  We have scheduled an Ideas Only Conversation.  At this informal event, the Colfax Marathon staff will share ideas to help charity partners build visibility, attract runners and take in more revenue.  Lots of time for q-and-a.  The meeting is at our office, same place and time as above.  Seating for 25 only.  Pre-registration is necessary. We are nearly full.



Here are 4 good reasons why you should sign up now.

1. Right now, the list of charity partners on our web site is from 2018.   On November 1st, our list will only include those that have joined us for our 2019 season.  Be on this list!

2.  We release electronic newsletters every two weeks.  One charity is featured in each newsletter … drawn randomly from those that prepare an article.   Your chances of appearing are far greater if you sign up now.

3. In December,  we (the marathon) offer a great incentive gift for registered runners.  Many people sign up on December 31st so they can receive their gift.  Use this extra incentive – it is at no cost to you.

4. Use 2018 to prepare your Colfax Marathon recruitment strategy (fundraising, runner incentives, benefits, fun, social media strategy, etc.).  Activate your recruitment program hard the first of January when lots of people are working their new year’s resolutions.

Runners Choosing a Charity

Runners select their charity during their registration process from a drop down list of charity partners. Charities then contact their runners directly. Already registered and want to select a charity? You can amend your registration yourself.


or email Jean@runcolfax.org.