DaVita Charity Partners Program

“The Colfax Marathon Charity Partners program is a refreshingly different from other Charity Partners programs we’ve been involved with.  You are “partners” in every sense of the word.”  Make-A-Wish Foundation

“If as a non-profit, you can only participate in one event a year, this is the best event you can participate in. They do most of the promotional work for you. You apply as much time and effort as you can and still see results, in exposure, name recognition, etc. It is the best way to spend your fundraising time for the year!”   Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Join one of the nation’s largest charity partner programs!

More than 200 nonprofits participated in the Colfax Marathon in 2017 to raise funds and awareness for their cause and have fun. Use our events as your platform. There is no cost to join but it does take some time and energy. You keep all of the money that you raise. Our team is here to help you get visibility, share ideas, and tell your story.

If you are interested in joining us for 2018, scroll down to “learn more.”

Other questions, jean@runcolfax.org.

How To Get Started

  1. Contact us to learn more;  sign-up if the program fits your nonprofit. Contact jean@runcolfax.org.
  2. Attract runners and build a fund-raising or visibility campaign. We have ideas to share. It works!
  3. Use our help. We provide lots of visibility, tech support and social media to showcase your efforts, plus a free tent at the finish area on race weekend.
  4. Take home cash. In addition to your fundraising, our winning relay teams give away their cash award to their favorite charity partner. We also award cash to the top three charity partners that attract the most runners.

Learn More

Next Step.  

For 2018,  we host a series of introductory meetings, starting in the fall of 2017.  Our meetings are free, fun and short!  This is the first step to become a charity partner.  If you would like to be added to our list to receive an invitation to attend, contact Jean.

Runners Choosing a Charity

Runners select their charity during their registration process from a drop down list of charity partners. Charities then contact their runners directly. Already registered and want to select a charity? You can amend your registration yourself.


Contact Jean@runcolfax.org.