Ambassador Program – Our 2022 ambassadors

Colfax Ambassador program

Thank you to our 2022 Ambassadors!!!   We’ll be announcing our 2023 program and application shortly.

You have seen them around the state and country … a group of people excited to talk about running, getting active, and all things Colfax Marathon!  They attend fun training runs at stores and breweries, where they give away prizes and talk about the seven Colfax Marathon races.

Denver’s Colfax Marathon has 20,000 runners and over 35,000 people come through the Health & Fitness Expo.  Colfax is a non-profit and gave almost $100,000 to other non-profits just in 2019!

The Colfax Marathon Ambassador Team promotes the event through social media, participating in local run groups, helping our 200+ charity partners, creating short videos to share, providing photos of being active, and assist at the Health and Fitness Expo, to keep the Colfax Marathon brand active in the running community.

These are positive and enthusiastic runners that represent the running community at it’s finest!

Questions? Contact us at


Aaron Johnson

Aaron is 38 years old and has lived in the Denver area his whole life.

He started running in 2010 because he could exercise anywhere. He continues to run because it gives him goals and feels great when he finishes a run. One of his favorite things to do is run while on vacation and sight see on foot.

Aaron is married and a dad to twin three year old boys. His job is Lieutenant/paramedic at a local fire department.

He likes to run the Colfax races because of the nostalgic course, charities that are supported, and it is Denver’s only marathon. Bonus that the start/finish line is 1.5 miles from his house! His PR for 13.1 and 26.2 were both on the Colfax course.

Alyce Mui

Lover of animals, family and fitness. Alyce is a 3:50 marathoner, 1:40 half and mama of 2. Alyce’s first half marathon was Colfax in 2011. What she quickly learned is that distance running is addicting. She wanted to run a half and then a full to check it off her bucket list, but the community and challenge kept her coming back for more. She’s since run a handful of marathons, a couple 50ks and countless half marathons. Her favorite distance is the half marathon, because you can still train and have a balanced lifestyle, without a huge commitment. Alyce took a little break from running since the pandemic and has focused on strength training and conditioning. You can find her at the local CrossFit gym or competitions. Her favorite quote is “be the buffalo” – “cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charges towards it and gets through it quicker. Whenever I am confronted with a tough challenge, I do not prolong the torment, I become the buffalo.”

Amanda Donnelly

Amanda began running in 2002 when she joined her middle school track team. At the time, her motivation to run was simply “to stay in shape outside of basketball season.” Amanda’s running career has lasted much longer than her basketball career though as she is still running 20 years later. Fun fact: Amanda set the school record for women’s high jump at American Hebrew Academy in 2004 and held it for several years.

Amanda moved to Colorado in December 2019 for a promotion at work with Spyder Active Sports in Boulder. The first thing she did upon becoming a Coloradan was research road races and and she very quickly decided that Colfax Marathon would be her first Colorado race.

Amanda has since relocated to her hometown of sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida but she is training to run Colfax Marathon this May. Between her OrangeTheory Fitness obsession and running on the beach, she is preparing for Colfax Marathon to be her 8th marathon this spring. She has also completed over 50 half marathons.

When Amanda isn’t running or going to the beach, you’ll probably find her at Walt Disney World. She has a two year old mini-Goldendoodle named Charlotte who keeps her active and she enjoys local breweries, paddle boarding, and live music. Amanda says she is most inspired by Shalane Flanagan.

Amanda Heimlich

Amanda is a stay at home mom of two, a 3 year old son and an almost 1 year old daughter. She has been married for almost 9 years and is originally from California. She and her husband moved to Colorado 7 years ago after her husband got relocated for work. Amanda wasn’t always into running long distances, she enjoyed participating in 5ks and fun runs but never took it seriously until spring 2012. That is when her and her friend decided to sign up on a whim with Team Challenge for a half marathon through wine country to raise money for Crohn’s and Colitis. Wine, running and supporting a good cause? Who could say no!? This was an important race for Amanda because she was supporting a disease her husband has along with completing her first half marathon… a week after her wedding!

Fast forward to 2022, Amanda has now completed 5 half marathons, the Colfax Urban 10 miler and numerous 10k and 5k’s. This is her third year being a Colfax ambassador and it will be her first time running the Colfax half marathon, as Covid decided to take her down the day before the race last year and she was not able to participate. This year is a redemption year for her, since not being able to run last October was such a let down after training so hard post baby #2. For Amanda, running is not only a way to stay in shape, but is her “me” time and she loves to show her son and daughter a good example of being able to still be a good mom while also taking care of herself and living a healthy lifestyle. This year she will be training for the Colfax Half Marathon (again!) pushing a double jogging stroller, talk about dedication!

When Amanda isn’t running you can usually find her at a mommy and me workout group (Stroller Strides), at a HIIT based training gym or enjoying a Colorado Avalanche game with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Anthony Aragon

Anthony’s running career began in 2006, the first year of the Colfax Marathon. He worked for Mayor John Hickenlooper and Denver was one of the three cities the race would run through. Anthony also serves as the City of Denver’s representative on the Colfax Marathon Board of Directors. Anthony has run every year since. He took a stab at the half marathon twice and can say he really has no interest in a third. The past two years, he has run the 5K and placed top ten in his age group – 50+ Anthony tends to run over the lunch hour and run on the Speer Boulevard bike trail to the REI which is a great 5K course. Anthony serves as an Honorary Colfax Marathon Ambassador and this year his focus is to support the run clubs across the city to raise awareness about the Colfax Marathon.

Baylee Smith

Baylee is an Architectural Designer at Jacobs and a graduate student at the University of Colorado at Denver pursuing her Masters in Architecture in her free time. When not sitting at her desk, you can find her outside running the streets of Denver.

Baylee has completed 8 marathons, including 2 Dopey Challenges in Walt Disney World. She always has a training plan in her notebook and has big goals for 2022.

Fun fact about Baylee, she has 20 siblings… Come find her on the course to learn more!

Bobby Vigars

Bobby is an Ohio native (die-hard Cleveland sports fan) and has been living and running in Denver for over 6 years now. He started running in high school to get in better shape and keep up with his older sister who was also a runner. Since then he fell in love with running and loves the Marathon distance. Outside of running he works for a software company in Lohi and can be frequently spotted at local craft breweries (Cerebral being the favorite). He’s married and his wife is also a marathoner so you can catch them both running around the city or going for hikes on the weekends. This year will be Bobby’s third Colfax race having done the Marathon in 2016 and the Half Marathon with a friend in 2017. This year Bobby will be a pacer in the Marathon and he enjoys pacing races when not racing himself. He loves the Colfax course because of the whole experience that the city provides as well as all of the awesome sights you get to see on the course.

Carlos Hill

Originally hailing from the South, South Carolina to be exact, Carlos became a runner young but did not get serious about it until life made him do so. Formally a coach, this full-time chef, dad, realtor and overall jack of all trades, loves ANYTHING fitness, especially nutrition related.

From cooking classes, to showing runners and other endurance athletes the power of using real food as fuel, Carlos LOVES it all.

With Ambassador Richard Kalasky as his side, he ran his first Colfax half Marathon in 2011, ans has been involved with it every year since. His favorite would have to be the 10 miler as its the ONLY distance ( solely, not including the Marathon) that he has not done. This year look for him at the Cigna Denver Colfax Marathon Expo as he helps the vendors show on the latest and greatest products throughout the industry.

Christine Rodriguez

Christine is originally from Rock Island, Illinois. Moved to Colorado in 1979 and she never looked back. She started running off and on short distances out of high school but started being more consistent after her daughter, Karla, was born in 1983. Running helped get her in shape while being short on time. Fast forward to present day: Christine is a senior (65 years young) runner who loves encouraging other to join. She has one daughter, Karla, and two granddaughters, Lillian 1year old and Carson three. Her daughter has run 4 marathons and plans on getting her running groove on soon.

Currently Christine is working full time as a Dental Hygienist. She has been on Runners Roost race team for 8 years and a previous Colfax Ambassador. She has run the Boston marathon 5 times and is running it this April 2022. She has been involved with the race (Colfax) since the start and can’t imagine not running it. Colfax is such a great community event in her backyard! Christine plans on running the Colfax half this May. Cheers to supporting such a cool running event!

Cindy Vonfeldt

Cindy started running later in her life and loves to be volunteering or racing every weekend. She loves seeing so many smiling faces and accomplishments with every racer she meets. This year, the Denver Colfax Marathon will be her fourth year to complete the Half Marathon. Cindy enjoys the outdoors, conquering new challenges, and always looking for her personal record in every event she participates in. When not training for the next race event, Cindy enjoys her life with her husband, kids, and grandkids while camping and enjoying the lake life.

Colleen Lampron

Colleen is a mom to three teenagers, life partner to 1, small business owner, and a lifelong runner. 2022 will be her 11th consecutive Colfax Half Marathon. She loves this race because of the vibe – the other runners are so supportive and encouraging, and the spectators are the best!

Her two favorite parts of the Colfax Half Marathon are: – the spectator signs always make her laugh and loves running through the zoo and the firehouse. Coleen is also so grateful to local law enforcement who keep the race safe and fun in all kinds of weather conditions and all of the volunteers who make this race possible! As a slower, older runner, her running goal is to still be toeing the starting line into my 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Coral Eby

Coral grew up in Colorado and began running as a high school sprinter. She’d never run more than 2 miles before college but fell in love with distance running at USC. Since moving back to Denver, Coral has participated regularly in 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and the Colfax Marathon.

Even though she’s been running most of her life, it’s become an important part of her routine as a mom of 3 kids under 6. Running is a great chance to find some balance amidst the mom life chaos, to enjoy beautiful Colorado, and to meet awesome, inspiring new people in the running community.

Coral manages a sales consulting firm in the DTC and is mom to 3 kids and a crazy Labrador – all of whom love to join in on long runs through Cherry Creek State Park and the Highline Canal. When she’s not running, you can find her spending time with her family at the Denver Zoo (her favorite part of the Colfax Half!), working out at Club Greenwood, traveling, and cheering on the Denver Broncos and USC Trojans. Can’t wait to make lots of new running friends this year as we get ready for another great Colfax race weekend!

Corey Dillon

Corey Dillon is a coach, husband, dad, writer, and all-around endurance sports enthusiast. After biking across the United States in college, he spent the next 20+ years traveling more than 100 days per year selling investment products. Running a few miles in new cities each week proved to be a great way to stay active while on the road. Now semi-retired from the investment management business, Corey has finished dozens of running races at every distance from 5k to 50k, numerous Ironman distance triathlons, and he turned his passion into a profession as a coach with Braveheart Coaching Colorado, where he helps others reach for their own athletic goals.

Following the loss of their oldest daughter to depression in 2018, Corey and his wife Kim have become advocates for promoting kindness and acceptance toward all people, especially those who happen to be transgender. The positivity and sense of community through shared experiences is what keeps Corey coming back to Colfax year after year.

Cristina Grullon

Cristina will be training for the Colfax half this spring! It’ll be her 2nd time running it and 9th half marathon. You can usually find her in Cheesman Park either running or walking with her aggressively friendly pit bull mix, Frankie!

Dan Mott

Dan has been running for a little over 10 years completing 20 marathons and 20 half marathons including 10 straight years running at Disney Marathon weekend. Dan has run the pikes peak marathon with only one fall on the way back down and completed rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon. He has also dipped his feet in the ultra world, with a few 50ks. He is clearly one of those crazy people!

Dan loves everything and anything about running and getting others to join in. He has lived in Colorado for three years but moved to Denver with his wife Britt and new born daughter Emersyn last April. As a recently new resident to Denver he is excited to get involved the run community even more through group runs and be a part of helping to promote health and fitness with Denver’s Colfax Marathon event weekend!

Dani Kimlinger

Dani is so appreciative and excited to be a FIRST YEAR Colfax Ambassador because Colfax was her very first race as a runner! On January 1, 2018, Dani was unhealthy and overweight and started her first new year resolution which was to become healthy and running was the avenue selected! She stepped into the Runners Roost Lakewood store to buy some running shoes and was told about the Belmar Run Club. Dani struggled to get into running as she couldn’t even run a ¼ mile and felt miserable on every run. She wondered how in the world people do this running thing. A fellow Belmar Run Clubber encouraged her to sign up for a race and that would encourage her to have something structured to train for. Colfax was the most attractive choice, and it was perfectly timed for a never-a-runner training plan! Training for and experiencing Colfax convinced Dani she was a runner!

Running has become a life changer for Dani. She is passionate about the sport and seeing others succeed in their running goals. She is on the Runners Roost Lakewood Race Team and qualified for Boston in November 2021 and she plans to run the Boston Marathon in 2023. Dani’s favorite distance is the half marathon and she loves the Colfax 10-miler because where else can you find that?!?

Darrell West

Darrell is the President of Major Taylor Cycling Club of Denver and his club has provided a bike Marshall team for the Colfax Marathon over the past several years. Now he’s hitting the road as a participant. Darrell really enjoys the atmosphere and camaraderie of everyone who shares in the Colfax experience!

Devin Fitch

Devin (she/they/he) is relatively new to running, but not to competitive sports. Devin has been training and competing in TaeKwon-Do since the age of 4, and began swimming competitively at age 10. Devin found running as a way to get a competitive edge in these sports, but only recently found a love for running itself in 2019 while training for a national TaeKwon-Do tournament. Since then, they’ve done a bunch of 5ks, mud runs, and 10ks, and then decided to run the Colfax Marathon in 2021. Along the way, they met and ran alongside a wonderful Ambassador, who pulled Devin right into the community! They’re looking forward to running their second Marathon this year, and is excited to see you there, too!

Running has been a massive part of their journey, from reinventing themself after ACL reconstruction surgery, to self-discovery of their gender and sexuality. Devin hopes to see many more people discover themselves through this activity, and what better way than the Colfax Marathon Weekend?

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.” ~ William James

Dominic Richert

Dominic, is 35 (about to be 36) that is married to his awesome wife Jaimie that is a soldier in the US Army. Hats off to every solider and their spouse and families out there!!! He has a 16 year old daughter who loves to give him gray hair. He works full-time as an Ethernet Engineer.

Dominic started running in 2014 as he was gaining weight and wasn’t liking it. He started out by walking a few miles, then running a few feet, then running a mile and so on. In 2014 he ran his first race and it was the Broncos 7k. Once he ran that he was hooked to running, not only because his clothes were fitting better but the runners high you get. He ran his first half marathon in 2017 and it was the Colfax half. Since then, he has run it every year since.

When he’s not working, he is playing hockey, out running, or at the gym. Staying healthy is a part of life, but you have to make time to have some fun and not just train. Dominic is a huge Avalanche and Broncos fan and loves attending sporting events, so running also helps with being able to eat the hot wings during the game. By no means is he the fastest person out there but has always said, “We celebrate finish lines not finish times.” He says to  remember you are always faster than the person who wanted to stay on the couch.

Doug Larson

Doug is excited to return as a Colfax ambassador to promote Denver’s Biggest Running Extravaganza at least one more time.

Doug works as a corporate director of training to pay bills so that his pups, Zenith and Chase, can live in the doghouse of their dreams.

He runs for lots of reasons, but especially enjoy
1) solo training runs when the sound of feet and ground create a rhythm that clears his head and body of unnecessary thoughts and stress
2) pacing opportunities where he is able to help other runners meet or exceed their goals
3) the sense of pride at the end of a race (5K to 52.4M) when you have proven to yourself that it was worth going out for another one.

He loves that Denver’s Colfax Marathon is a non-profit that generates money for local charities. He’s happy to share his enthusiasm for this race as a way to build greater community in Denver.

Erin Bonthron

Erin grew up running alongside her marathon-runner mother and has always had a passion for the sport. After a knee injury in college, she took a 4-year hiatus from running and found a new interest in CrossFit. She moved from New York to Denver in 2015 and gravitated back to distance running in 2017. She decided to make Colfax her first-ever marathon in 2018 and has since completed several marathons, half-marathons, and a few ultramarathons as well as a few pacing gigs for local races. When she’s not running, Erin can be found coaching and working out at Lowry CrossFit, hiking 14ers, and spending time with her 2 dogs.

Erin has run Colfax every year since 2017, completing both the half-marathon and marathon, and convincing her mother and sister to run Colfax along the way. This will be her first year on the Ambassador team. You’ll find her running the half-marathon with her sister this year. She is looking forward to recruiting as many gym rats and meatheads as possible to run Colfax this year!

Genie Hendley

Accountant by trade, runner by choice. I fell in love with running in 2018 when my buddy asked me to be part of his Colorado Ragnar Relay team. I have since completed additional Ragnar Relays and participated in the Colfax Runner’s Reunion 10K as well as running my first half marathon with Colfax last October! I plan on completing my first marathon with Colfax this May and I’m so excited for the course! Running truly is my favorite hobby and has taken me on so many adventures; whether it be exploring the vast Colorado trails or discovering new mental challenges and opportunities to overcome them. As someone who has years of recovery, running is my stress relief and is a wonderful addition to my journey through sobriety. I absolutely love the running community and how inclusive it is! When I’m not running, I love to play Fortnite, watch movies, play board games with friends and hang out with family! I’m super pumped to promote my love of running along with the Colfax Marathon Ambassador Team! If you’re new to the running community, just remember – keep going…it’s when we stop that we don’t make progress.

Jen Bergstrom

Jen originally hales from Newton, MA right along the Boston Marathon. Having struggled from depression in her twenties, she found running and triathlon, which ultimately turned into IRONMANs and ultra running and lost eighty pounds. Running has become more than just her passion, it has become her mental health and sanity.

Over the years working in graphic and web design and as a marketing director, Jen realized she was losing her passion and zest for art. She also felt like she wasn’t helping anyone. So after a bit of soul searching (and thanks to getting laid off during the pandemic), Jen is back in school full time studying to be a Medical Assistant and working part time for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders as a behavioral technician. She finally gets to do something fulfilling and help other people.

Jen lives with her husband and two cats. If you see her at the expo or out running the marathon, please holla! Don’t be a stranger.

Jennifer Chu

Jennifer is excited (and nervous) to run the Colfax marathon. Jennifer previously ran the half in 2019, but after spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic, she’s ready for a new challenge. When Jennifer’s not at home drinking wine with her cat, you can find her on the weekends running at different parks and trails in Denver – the Highline Canal trail is her favorite. On the weekdays, you can find her fighting the good fight at the public defender’s office. See you on Colfax, come say hi!

Jessica Armstrong

Jessica started running around 7 years ago after signing up for a 5k and falling in love with the sport. Never a runner previously, Jessica now loves all distances of running, and after she runs her 2nd Colfax marathon , she’s scheduled to run her first 100 miler in July of 2022. She’s found running to be the perfect way to relieve stress and improve her mental and physical health.

Jessica is so glad to be back as a Colfax Ambassador and fell in love with the Colfax race when she ran her first half marathon in 2016. Her favorite mile is through the zoo, of course!

Jessica moved to Colorado from New Hampshire back in 2003 and loves exploring the trails near Morrison and Golden, both on her own while trail running, or with her husband, 11 year old son and rescue dog. She enjoys post run celebrations with lots of tacos.

John Cieraszynski

John is a rare Denver native who began running in 2016 after his friend Doug Larson, longtime Colfax Ambassador, invited me to the annual pancake run.

He enjoys soccer, running, hiking, model rockets and flying small aircraft. His wife and I are empty nesters and has more time to try and stay in shape. Its actually just a way to keep up with his college aged kids!

As you may have guessed, John is not as young as others in the group. He applied to become Colfax Ambassador because he would like to encourage other people his age to try running, or at least try to stay in shape. It has improved his health, and would like to help others discover a way to do that as well.

Lauren Dreiling

This is Lauren’s third year as a Colfax ambassador! Lauren is a Colorado native and ran for sport while growing up. As an adult, Lauren returned to running when a great friend encouraged her to train for Colfax with her. Since then, running has become an important part of her physical and mental well-being. Lauren enjoys training for and conquering new running challenges. This year, after running the Colfax Half Marathon in May, Lauren plans to run the Berlin and Chicago Marathons. When Lauren is not running, she is working in pediatric mental health, spending time with her family and friends, going to Avalanche games and kayaking in the summer. Lauren has run the Colfax 5k, Urban 10 miler, half marathon and marathon relay. Lauren’s favorite Colfax race is the half marathon because it runs through the zoo!

Lauren Ruth

Growing up a water baby, Lauren’s first loves were swimming and water polo. In her late 20s, she decided to finally take the leap and try triathlons. While training for her races, she found herself running more consistently. Fast forward a few years and Lauren has run too many half marathons to count and she completed her first full marathon in 2018 while pregnant! Following her pregnancy (and a move from Texas to Colorado) Lauren ran her first Colfax Half Marathon in 2019. COVID-19 gave Lauren an excuse NOT to run her second marathon pregnant in 2020, but she ran the next Colfax marathon she could in 2021. When not training for something or another, Lauren spends her time with her husband and 2 sons. She is a teacher and birth doula.

Michelle Anderson

Michelle is a first time Colfax Ambassador and couldn’t be more excited! She has run Colfax for 15 years and loves the diversity of this race. She is a mom of two kids and a dog, a wife, and an elementary school teacher. Her goal is to keep running Colfax every year until she can’t! Michelle lives in Conifer with her family and loves the Colorado mountains. She loves trail races, but Colfax is the one and only road race she does each year, because it is so fun and interesting. She hopes to see you out there this year, or at the finish line festivities!

Richard Kalasky

Richard is the manager of our Brand Ambassador Team this year, after originally founding the team back in 2013. Richard got into running after losing a 160 pounds and entering into endurance sports. The Colfax Marathon was his first marathon in 2011, and he continued to run it each year in 2012, 2013, and 2014. In 2012 Richard and his husband Carlos took over the Health and Fitness Expo, and they continue to manage it today. Richard also manages Public Safety for the event over race weekend. He and his husband live in Canton, GA a suburb of Atlanta full time with their son Devon (5) and daughter Josephine (4) and are working on a second residence in Denver to be back in the event full time. A 19 Time Marathon Finisher including Boston in 2013 and 6 time Ironman Finisher, Richard continues to stay active and run again, after having 2 hip replacements. He looks forward to working with this years Brand Ambassador Team on their 4 Pillars of Success and continuing to grow the Colfax Marathon events weekend. For more information on the Ambassador Team or the Expo, please email him at

Ruth Olson

Ruth grew up in Colorado and started running in high school when as goalie, she was made to run in all the pads for field hockey and lacrosse. The easier thing was to drop all the pads and start running on the cross-country team. Sophomore year she ran in the State Cross Country Championships. After changing high schools, the running stopped, and then picked up smoking as a bad habit. Fast forward, Ruth finally had enough of the smoking (at 25) and decided that the best way to quit smoking was to sign up for a marathon, this is absolutely a reasonable decision to normal people? That was apparently the right motivation needed, and 14 months after putting down cigarettes, she did indeed run her first marathon, and swore them off. After that, running half marathons was a more manageable distance.

That’s when the new bad influences started. Ruth got in deep with a group of 50 States runners and started running half marathons in other states. That was apparently just the tipping point. Running half marathons in 50 states (not complete), it seemed more purposeful to run marathons in 50 states. But like many runners, Ruth wondered what the next big challenge would be? Ironman. So, a mere 3 years into the running journey (it was a fast transition), Ironman seemed to be the next big thing. Ruth did her research and found her race, Ironman Florida 2013. From smoker to ironman in 4 years, it seemed to be surreal. The big races are amazing, but that the same time, Colfax was part of that journey. She has run the race in one form or another almost every year since 2010, starting with the half. This year, Colfax will be Ruth’s 98th Half Marathon on the way to reaching the 100 milestone with a friend in June.

Shelby Howard

In 2016 Shelby decided to start running. At the time she lived in Dallas, TX and found a local run club (shoutout: Pint Striders) that showed her just how powerful the running community can be. The encouragement and camaraderie, inherent among runners, has pushed her to limits she didn’t know existed – from 5k to 10ks and from half marathons to fulls. She believes there is something so powerful about challenging yourself, your mind, and discovering what you are capable of through running.

Shelby moved to Denver in 2020 and ran the Colfax Half Marathon for the first time in 2021. She instantly fell in love with the Denver running community and wants to use her position as a Colfax Ambassador to see her city’s marathon reach even more runners in 2022.

When she’s not running, Shelby works as a Strategist with Sterling-Rice Group, a Boulder-based innovation consultancy. She also serves as a board member for Girls on the Run of the Rockies. This nonprofit is one of the 200+ charity partners the Colfax Marathon supports each year so she sees first hand how impactful this event is on the Denver community.

Tasha Stewart

Tasha is a Public Defender with the City of Aurora. She is the mom of two fur kids, Jasper (4) and Jules (13). She’s been a runner all of her life, but started running half marathons at the 2013 Route 66 marathon in Tulsa, OK. Since that time, Tasha has run 34 half marathons and countless other races. Fun Fact, Tasha ‘s 1st Colfax was 2017 and she has run every year since (minus 2020).

TJ Kizuka

“Hello Running Buddies” – TJ is celebrating 6 years as a Colfax ambassador or what he likes call us a “#Camby”. TJ has a background in social media and will be leading the ambassadors on new and exciting ways to seen online. TJ labels himself as the Lisa Frank of the Colfax Ambassador team being a fan of glitter, unicorns, mermaids, everything Dolly Parton and of course race medals!! TJ will be running his 2nd Colfax Marathon this year proudly, and probably with a tiara of some sort! Look for him this May on the race route!

Troy Coleman

Always full of excitement, Troy is both a runner and perpetual cheer squad at any race. He’s delighted again be a Denver Colfax Marathon. He has run Colfax now for 9 years and it is an experience that changes just a little bit each time. The marathon has been Troy’s distance of choice almost from go and his favorite will always be his former hometown’s Chicago Marathon. He has been exploring longer distances and trail running much more, taking advantage of the gorgeous Colorado high country at his doorstep. Leadville and Colfax are his local favorites – they are not just incredible races but the atmosphere around them is fantastic. Troy loves that Colfax is a local race and benefits 200+ charities and am especially partial to the animal rescues having been a charity runner for both Beagle Freedom Project and PAWS Chicago.

Troy is also an actor and currently getting his masters in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. Balancing evening rehearsals and early morning training runs is a challenge but with mindfulness to proper rest, it has become a truly wonderful. When not running, Troy loves getting up for hikes with his wife and their Westie, Maggie Mayhem. “Sometimes you just do things.” – Scott Jurek

Von Miller

Von Mille by day is a high school Assistant Principal, but by night, he coaches high school cross country and track. He is a lifelong runner. His favorite distance is the half marathon.

Von lives in Frederick and loves the dirt roads the town has to offer. He’s happily married to his wife for 4 years (almost 5.) Von has 2 daughters (1 and 2) and runs because he loves to spread his passion to others and enjoys watching runners achieve their personal goals along the way.