Training Tips

Winter Training Tips from the Ambassadors

By Mitch Dulleck, Colfax Marathon Ambassador.

Training during the winter months can be tough. It’s cold, it’s dark, and most people are torturing themselves inside, on the dreaded Treadmill!

But with a little planning, you can still run outside comfortably. And who doesn’t like to brag about the fact that you went running when it was 2 degrees out, while your friends were sitting by the fire!

  • First, make sure that exposed skin is covered. Think moisture wicking layers, gloves, and a nice wool hat.
  • I find that a good pair of running shoes still works in almost all snowy/icy conditions, but there are plenty of attachable traction devices, if you feel you need better grip. Heck, you can even turn an old pair of shoes into Screw Shoes (Google it and make them yourself , and at very little cost!)
  • Wool Socks are my best friend during winter runs. Thin, wool socks will still keep your feet warm even if they get wet.
  • It is also very important to stay hydrated, even on your shorter runs. It is easy to leave your water at home on short runs, but you will still be sweating even in the coldest weather, and therefore you NEED to continue taking in fluids.