Training Tips

Running at Elevation

Host Ricardo Balazs decided to take a run up near Lake Tahoe, and the elevation got to him. Used to living and running at sea level, maintaining a normal pace and heart rate was difficult for Ricardo, and altitude headaches kept him down. This run inspired today’s episode of CLIFcast all about elevation.

Ever gone on a trip to Boulder or Lake Tahoe and been unable to maintain your usual pace? Have you felt nausea, headaches, light-headedness, and dry mouth and eyes? That’s because running at high altitudes means less oxygen and moisture for your body. Tips from our experts include LOTS of hydration, and easing into your running routine. Start easy, and always have a water bottle in hand – before, during, and after your travel. Give your body the time it needs to adapt to its new environment if you can, and give yourself lots of recovery time. Most importantly, listen to what your body is telling you and give it what it needs!

Tune in to today’s show to hear CLIF Bar runners as well as our in house nutritionist and dietician talk more about what’s happening to your body at elevation and what you can do to help yourself out.