Training Tips

Navigating Aid Stations

Running a long distance race is different for everyone. Individuals have their own approach and with it their own results. There are many obstacles you will face, but one that should never interfere with your race is an aid station. If you are curious about how to utilize aid stations to their fullest extent, this episode is for you. We’ll unveil a bunch of insider secrets that you can use while running a marathon, half marathon, or any other distance.

Ever eaten vaseline? What about dumping Gatorade instead of water on your head? Oh, it’s happened and our experts share their own personal stories and more in this edition of CLIFcast. Which table do you approach most often? Is that the best choice? We will also share the best way to drink your fluids and what to do when you spill Will Ferrell’s drink.

When it comes to training for a marathon people often believe it’s all about the running. But remember, your body also needs to be taken care of with the right nutrition to finish that marathon strong. So lace up those running shoes and hit your stride with this latest edition of CLIFcast, because after this episode, you will never approach aid stations the same way again…and that could be a very good thing.