Training Tips

Keep strong on the Final Miles

We asked the experts for tips on how to keep going strong on those final miles of the race!

“For a runner of any pace, I recommend utilizing a negative split strategy, or holding back enough early on so that you have enough energy for the second half of the race. If you go out too fast you can risk blowing up, and studies show that going out too hard will burn through 70% of your glycogen (energy) stores. The mantra I use is ‘hold back, settle in, finish STRONG!’”

– Coach David Manthey of Runner’s Edge of the Rockies:

“In my experience, the key to avoid hitting the wall in the final 6.2 miles of a marathon is to keep a steady pace within the first 20 miles. Going out too fast is so tempting, but the key is to hold back, stay calm and even and conserve energy for that last 10K. This concept requires focus and confidence. Come up with a realistic pace for the first 20 and then smile the last 6.2 as you pass burned out runners all the way to the finish.”

– Race Ambassador Jane Brown

“Don’t do anything new on race day. Run the race exactly the way you trained. If you drank water when you trained, drink water during the race. If you drank Gatorade when you trained, drink Gatorade during the race. If you trained at a 10 minute per mile pace, run the race at that pace.”

– John Dunbar, Runner of 30 marathons

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