Training Tips

Benefits of Orangetheory Fitness in Marathon Preparation

Strength training

  • Improving strength helps you become a more efficient runner as well as helping to prevent injuries.
  • Strengthening multiple planes of movement (not just forward and backward like when we run, but also lateral movements) to help prevent injuries and muscular imbalances.
  • Using the TRX/BOSU to work on core strength and balance.


  • Provides a low-impact, aerobic or anaerobic, cross-training option
  • Helps develop power & strength in lower body, core, and upper body as rowing can utilize up to 84% of your muscles. It can also help improve posture.
  • Helps improve flexibility of the hamstrings and calves.

Speed work 

  • Running faster paces (i.e. push paces and especially all outs) help to improve your running economy and efficiency (ability to run faster paces with less effort).
  • Improving efficiency through speed work with reduce the chance of injury