Training Tips

Before You Get Started…

By Jeff Galloway

There are very few people who should not exercise because of cardiovascular, structural, muscular, or other problems. It is very important to ensure that you are not in this risk category.

  • Before beginning any exercise, diet or other improvement program, be sure to have yourself and the program evaluated by specialists in the areas you are pursuing.
  • This advice is offered as such – advice from one exerciser to another. It is not meant to be a prescription and should be evaluated as noted above and below.
  • Specific structures and problems of individuals may require program modifications.
  • Try to find specialists who are knowledgeable about their area and the effects of exercise.
  • Ask several respected leaders in the fitness community for recommendations of specialists.
  • Always back off any exercise or program when you feel any risk of injury or health.
  • The benefits come from regular exercise and steady adherence to a long-term program.
  • Joining a group helps motivation.
  • Have FUN and you’ll want to continue!

Source: Galloway, Jeff (1995). Return of the Tribes to Peachtree Street