Ambassador Team

2020 Colfax Ambassador Team

You have seen them all year around the state and country … a group of people excited to talk about running, getting active, and all things Colfax Marathon! They attend fun training runs at stores and breweries, where they give away prizes and talk about the 7 Colfax Marathon races.

Denver’s Colfax Marathon has 20,000 runners  and over 35,000 people come through the Expo. Colfax is a non-profit and gave almost $100,000 to other non-profits just in 2019!

The 2020 Colfax Marathon Ambassador Team promotes the event through social media, participating in local run groups, helping one or more of our 200+ charity partners, creating short videos to share, providing photos of being active, and part of the Health and Fitness Expo, to keep the Colfax Marathon brand active in the running community.

These are positive and enthusiastic runners that represent the running community at it’s finest!

Application for 2020 Team is opening August 20th!

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