On June 15, we announced that we will not be able to reschedule the Denver Colfax Marathon for the fall of 2020.  COVID-19 has changed all of our lives and has put a stop to mass gatherings.  With the newest Colorado Safer at Home guidelines we knew that a safe, fun, robust race weekend this year wouldn’t be possible.  We looked at many options along the way, but we needed to shift our focus to 2021.  Therefore, we are moving our 15th Anniversary Denver Colfax Marathon Race Weekend and Celebration to May of 2021.

Registered individual runners were offered three free options and had to choose one by June 30, 2020.  The options were as follows:  defer to 2021, defer to 2022 or run virutally.


Options 1 & 2 – DEFER TO 2021 OR 2022 (No longer available)

  • Pick 2021 or 2022.
  • You will be automatically entered in your original race distance, including the 2 day challenge.
  • Your waiver will be extended to the selected year.
  • Team captains – you will be able to change your runners for free until early April of the selected race year.
  • Individual runners – you will be able to change your race distance after registration for that year opens (August or September).
  • More questions? See the FAQ’s below.
  • Deadline to choose was June 30, 2020.  The deadline has now passed.  There is no automatic default option.
  • Like the medal hanger for virtual runners but don’t want to choose the virtual option?   You can purchase one at the Colfax Store when it reopens this fall.

Option 3 – VIRTUAL RUN (No longer available)

  • We created unique virtual schwag for you!
  • Sunday runners – you will receive 2 gifts. You will receive a specially-created virtual medal (see photo), and, for the FIRST TIME, we’ve created a cool Colfax Marathon Medal Hanger (see photo). We decided on a medal hanger for something fun, unique, and useful – it’s made of steel, 4×8, and great to display your Colfax medals – or hang your keys.
  • Saturday 5K runners – you will receive a specially-created virtual 5K medal – a historic first – this is your one time to receive a medal for running a Colfax 5K.
  • If you were a 2 day challenge runner, you will receive two medals and a medal hanger.
  • How/where do you run? Run in your local area, and you can choose to build your distance cumulatively or run all at once.
  • Posting your results for your registered race distance – individual runners have the option to post your results – whether you run cumulatively or all at once.   We’ll have a form up shortly if you’d like to post your results.
  • Teams – if your captain chooses this option for the team, then he/she will pick up 5 medals and 5 medal hangers.
  • Items will be ready for pickup/mailing in August – local runners will choose a Runners Roost location for pick up, and out of town folks will receive them via mail.  We will email you when they are ready.
  • More questions? See the FAQ’s below.
  • Deadline to choose was June 30, 2020.  The deadline has now passed.  There is no automatic default option.


  • If a runner did nothing prior to the deadline, he/she may NOT choose an option at a later date.  There is no automatic default option, by not selecting an option, a runner has indicated they are not interested in any of the three choices.


  • FAQ’s – TEAMS
    • Can I change runners on my team? Or our division or gender mix?   Yes, once registration opens you will be able to edit your team for free until mid April.
    • My team isn’t going to run, can I downgrade this to an individual run for just me and defer?  Yes, email info@simpleracereg.com
    • I still have unused codes – what happens?  The purchaser will get an email that their unused bulk purchases will be automatically shifted to 2021.
    • Does the team captain have to be the one to choose for the team?  Yes, the registration is under the captain’s name.  He/she is choosing for the entire team.
    • I am the captain for multiple teams – can I select different options for each team?  Yes, you will just need to complete the Cancellation Options Form for each choice.  For example, if two teams want to defer to 2021 and two teams want to do virtual, you will fill out one form for the teams wanting to defer (and list both team names) and one form for the teams wanting to do virtual (and list both team names).
    • Our team captain has moved – can I change the captain?  Yes, email  info@simpleracereg.com.
    • Can I switch race distances if I defer? Yes, after registration opens you can email  info@simpleracereg.com or check our FAQ’s
    • Can I add the two day challenge later? Yes, when registration re-opens simply sign up for the 5K – our systems will know you are a two day challenge runner.
    • What will happen to the double marathon?  We will extend your ability to earn our double marathon challenge!!  We’ll allow you to include marathons from January 1, 2020 to May 15, 2021.  Races must be timed and in-person, and results must be online.  Virtual races are not eligible.
    • Will my anticipated finish time stay the same? Yes.
    • Can I defer and then transfer my race entry?  Yes, for a fee.  If you find a new person to reimburse you for your entry, then you will just pay a flat processing fee.
    • Will I need to re-sign the waiver?  No, when you choose to defer, you will see it indicates that by agreeing to defer your waiver has been extended.
    • I still have registration codes I bought in bulk that haven’t been used – what happens?  The purchaser will get an email that their unused bulk purchases will be automatically shifted to 2021.
    • Will I still be a premium entry if I registered as premium?  No, all halfzips and items have already been mailed, so your deferral becomes a “regular” registration, as you have already received your items.  You will be able to purchase new items separately when available.
    • I would like to buy a medal hanger – can I?  Yes, click here and order before June 30, 2020 to guarantee availability.  The cost is $25 including shipping.  Orders after June 30 will have limited availability.
    • When/where can I post my virtual results?  This is optional, but if you would like to post your results, we’ll have a form up shortly to do so.
    • Will there be age group awards?  No, as many folks will be running cumulatively.
    • What if my address has changed since I registered?  Click here and change your address prior to June 30 2020.  If you miss that deadline, email  info@simpleracereg.com.
    • If I opt to pay for shipping of my virtual packet, even though I am local and live near a Runners Roost where do I pay?  Click here
  • FAQ’s – OTHER
    • When will registration open for 2021?  This fall.  Our lowest pricing is the earliest pricing –and by receiving this email you will be notified as a loyal Colfax runner as to the earliest pricing.
    • Will I receive a confirmation email of my deferral or virtual choice?   To receive confirmation of your choice, you can click the option when making your choice.  An email confirmation of your choice will also be sent prior to July 6th.
    • Will 2020 count as a year towards the 5 and 10 year loyalty program?  No, as we did not hold our 15th Anniversary race.
    • I’d prefer not to run.   Is there a donation option?   Yes, we are a 501c3, and you can choose to make a contribution towards the 2021 Colfax Marathon Charity Partners Program, which supports over 200 charities each year.   Email info@runcolfax.org and we’ll take care of this for you.
    • What happens if I don’t make a selection by June 30th?  You will NOT be automatically entered in any of the 3 options – 2021, 2022, or virtual.   For planning and operational reasons, we cannot add you “last minute” to any of the selections at a later date.  We assume you have chosen not to defer or run virtually with Colfax.
    • Why no refunds? Almost no races can offer refunds as operations for the next year begin immediately after each race.  We are a nonprofit, and much of our budget had already been spent on the 2020 race.   We had been planning operations for our race for 10 months prior to the March announcement to not run May 16-17, which means we had incurred significant costs already.  We were able to reduce expenditures significantly starting in March, so we were able to override our no deferral policy and offer runners a free deferral.   Unfortunately race insurance that events carry excludes pandemics.
    • Can I purchase a hat, halfzip or medal hanger?  Yes, the store will reopen early fall.