Charity Partner

Young Life

Young Life is a world-class organization that seeks to help disaffected teens thrive as they confront the challenges of adolescence. We pursue kids who pitch their tents in the fields of moral ambivalence. Our leaders treat every teen—from the jock to the outcast, from the wealthy to the least of these—with dignity and significance. Mentors embed themselves among every clique and tier of youth culture, serving as teachers, coaches and counselors. Our homes reside on the same streets and often share the same walls. We shape a setting of distinct quality—one conducive to fun as well as safety, excitement as well as counsel, and adventure as well as reflection. Denver Young Life specifically exists for students in Denver Public Schools and Aurora Public Schools. The schools we reach are on average at least 55% Free and Reduced Lunch and multi-ethnic. For more about our participation in the Colfax Marathon, please contact Jill Boyce,