Charity Partner

Rose Andom Center

The Rose Andom Center creates and maintains a crucial support network that helps victims of domestic violence find the resources they need NOW.

Many individuals in our community experience physical, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse in their intimate relationships. The effects of this type of abuse are profound – a victim may be left homeless, jobless, with acute or chronic health problems, and suffering from depression and/or anxiety disorders. No single agency or resource can effectively respond to the scope of needs most victims and their families face. Based on a national model of best practice, the Rose Andom Center is the first nationally recognized Family Justice Center in Colorado. At the Rose Andom Center, community organizations and government agencies work together under one roof to provide for the needs of individuals and families affected by domestic violence.

For more information about Rose Andom Center’s Running Toward Hope team and bring hope to domestic violence survivors, please contact Kristina Sickles @ or 720.337.4482.