Charity Partner

Limbs for Liberty Ukraine

Limbs for Liberty was born from a fleeting idea from 2 people leaving Ukraine during the war and a huge desire to continue to help the injured. Our founders had spent some meaningful time in Ukraine in the spring of 2022 helping Ukrainians with medical supplies, medical intervention and dispersal of other lifesaving supplies. When the cofounders returned home from Ukraine, Limbs for Liberty was created and the idea sky rocketed to success with L4L bringing our first Ukrainian amputee to Colorado in December. 

Limbs for Liberty’s main goal is to help provide prosthetics to amputees injured in the Ukrainian war. However, we also source and provide medical supplies, winter clothing along with fulfilling other requests we receive weekly from our Ukrainian contacts. 

When you sign on to run the Colfax marathon with Limbs for Liberty, you are joining a team who delivers hope. Our team’s goal is to raise funds to bring more Ukrainians to Colorado for prosthetics and a chance at a better life.

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