Charity Partner

Lighthouse Writers Workshop

For over 20 years, Lighthouse has nurtured the literary arts in our community because we know that writing and sharing stories makes our culture more enlightened, compassionate, and wise. You can support that mission by running for Lighthouse in the Colfax Marathon. Participating, either on your own or on one of our relay teams, will help us raise funds to make creative writing available to everyone. We accomplish this through our free writing workshops for those experiencing homelessness, recovering from addiction, fighting cancer, transitioning out of incarceration, or living in low-income housing projects. We provide free programming for youth as well, including college application essay and creative writing workshops at public schools. We hope to have several teams from walker-joggers to super-fast runners. If you don’t want to run, but would like to support one of these important programs, you can donate here. Contact Helen Armstrong at for more information or visit our website