Runner Tracking – 2 Options

NEW – Two options in 2017 for runner tracking

  • OFFICIAL RUNNER RESULTS can be tracked every 4-6 miles by chip

  • NEW FOR 2017!    Runners’ location and pace can be tracked via GPS  each mile through the RACEJOY APP .    

Click here for a printable pdf of the 2 options – Page 1 is for runners, and Page 2 is for spectators.


Tracking official race results from the chip

The chip in your bib (or baton) times your OFFICIAL RESULTS automatically on the course at mile 6.4, 10.1, 16.1, 20.1, 26.2, for the marathon and relay.   Mile 6.5 and 13.1 for the Half.   Mile 4.1 and 10 for the Urban 10.

  •  The runner enters family & friends pre race.   Updates are sent during the race to facebook/twitter, or text messages to up to 5 friends& family.
  • Indiviiduals Sign up HERE
  • Team runners – if you aren’t sure of your team name, click here to search for your team name.   Then close out of that window and click here to sign up.   If you know your team name you can skip the first step
  • Note – you do NOT need to carry a phone – this is not GPS based

NEW THIS YEAR!!  Live Runner Tracking via GPS.   Runners can be tracked "LIVE"  on EVERY MILE through the RACEJOY app.

  • Runners,
    • You can get audio/text alerts about your pace every mile.
    • You can receive cheers from spectators and friends
    • You must carry your phone (headphones not needed)
    • Turn on tracking within 30 minutes of the Race Start
    • These are not actual results – it is approximate as this is GPS tracking
  • Spectators or Remotely located friends
    • This app will allow you to follow your runners , add audio cheer clips, and receive NearMe alerts.
    • Your runner must have downloaded the app and signed up for you to track them
  • How to get started
    • Download the RACEJOY app on your apple or android device.   Search for Colfax.  Register as a participant or spectator.
  • Questions for RaceJoy?
  • Need more details?    Click here for the downloadable pdf.

Technology is not perfect!

We love technology. We know it works on our end – the sending part. But when we mix in different cell phone carriers receiving your updates of live results, or have cell phone areas that are limited, we cannot guarantee the person on the receiving end gets your update in a timely fashion.   For relays in particular – use these tools as a general guide for your last runner or two, but do not use it as a precise tool.